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About this Game

There is nothing much cooler than a strategic game of tanks with dynamic levels and non-static interchanging worlds and terrains. Not to mention, the vast arsenal of weaponry offered. This cross-platform online game called Pocket Tanks Online will give you just that!

Blast out fires to the opponent across the battlefield as you blow enemy tanks sky high. The rule of the game is simple; land blows on enemies while they wait at the other side. Sounds simple enough? The rule might be simple, but the gameplay has an added depth to it. The battle will be held in terrain with treacherous pits and steep inclines that can be bothersome as you attack. Therefore, precise angling of your turret, the perfect aim of shots, and a good strategy are very important to win the game.


Build an Arsenal

The game has a wide range of innovative weaponry beyond imagination. This includes over 50 weapons right out of the package. Pocket Tanks PC allows players to equip their tanks with arsenals such as Dirt Ball to bury enemies in dirt shower them with bullets using the Mass Driver. You can even make your weapon options extensive when you purchase an expansion pack giving you over 200 weapon choices.




Pocket Tanks Game Modes

There’s not just one, but five game modes that you can enjoy in the Pocket Tanks game. Here are the following:

  • One Player – in this mode you will fight against the game’s AI in a 1v1 match with ten levels of difficulty.
  • Two-Player – have a friendly battle against your friends in a 1v1 match.
  • Wifi-Lobby / Play Online – get in a match with other tankers around the world and send the weaker one into their demise.
  • Target Practice – this is your practice range to make sure your angles and power gauges are on point. Practice your moves before jumping into the battlefield.

Download Pocket Tanks PC for free and learn the ropes of some amazing weaponry. Strategize your gameplay and challenge your friends or other tankers worldwide in this fast-paced artillery action game!


Here’s How You Can Download Pocket Tanks Game for PC




Nobody likes complicated downloads and installations. Downloading games on PC can be troublesome at times. But don’t fret, Games.lol got your back. With this, downloading and playing the Pocket Tanks game is as easy as one, two, three. All you have to do is to download the Games.lol emulator by tapping the big yellow “Play Now” button below. This will only take no more than 5 seconds! By using this emulator, you will have a seamless gaming experience.

Once you’ve finished downloading and installing the game, you will be able to play the Pocket Tanks game smoothly and enjoyably.

Download Pocket Tanks on PC

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