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About this Game

Take on the challenge to be the world’s most ruthless Warden. Design and build your own maximum-security prison in Prison Architect free on PC. Do you have what it takes to contain the world’s most dangerous inmates?

This game is a simulation where you will be designing and building your penitentiary for inmates of all kinds. You won’t just be building one prison cell after another, you’ll have to build some prison amenities as well and you have to manage them. You’ll need common spaces such as canteen, infirmary, a guard room, solitary confinement cells, and an execution chamber perhaps?

Don’t underestimate the prisoners in this game, because it seems like whatever you do, they‘ll find clever ways to escape. So, watch out and bring your A-game.


Story Mode

The story mode starts with an inmate named Edward. He committed a crime of passion and is now days away from sitting on the electric chair. After this, there will be four additional chapters focused on different characters and followed by preview aspects of prison life.

You will also be introduced to different people in this story, Mafia boss, power-crazed senators, and so much more! To make all these characters give life to each role, Introversion teams up with Chris Hastings, a professional writer that does well in producing enthralling stories of corruption and human misery–all set in the background of the prison complex.


Escape Mode

This game lets you play the role of a prisoner to experience what it’s like to escape a supermax. You will be engineering your own escape plan. Maybe start a riot? Dig a tunnel Shawshank Redemption style? It’s all up to you! Fire the escape mode and test your skill against this maximum-security prison.


How To Download

Are you ready to take on the challenge to avoid hell breaking loose? Don’t limit yourself from experiencing this game to the tiny screens of your smartphone, download the game on PC now!

How to download the game for free? Head down below and look for the big bright yellow button “Play Now” and click on that. Your download will begin and this will only take a few minutes, done? Now, run the program, use the search bar, search for the game title, and then hit the search icon. Click on Install Game that you will find on the right side of the main game’s page and all done! You just have to wait for it to be installed and you can now play the game whenever you want on PC.




There are lots of simulation games this site has in store for you. If you want to try different themes under the genre, you may explore the site or try playing The Sims™ Mobile and Cafeland – World Kitchen. Have fun!

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