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About this Game

Do you want to play a different kind of action and puzzle-solving game that involves breaking out from prison? If you said yes, then look no further and download Break the Prison PC now! Created by Candy Mobile, you control a prisoner who is bent on escaping jail for a crime he didn’t commit. Luckily, you’re a brilliant engineer and have devised a clever and multifaceted escape plan.

A Test in Your Mental Prowess & Logic

Each level will have you figure out what puzzle you need to solve to be that closer to freedom. This includes trying to outwit officers from seeing your escape plan to giving them the slip by setting off different distractions. You’ll have to be quick on your feet and have an eye for small details in every room you enter. You’d also have to be fast enough to solve the puzzles before the authorities catch you. Some levels require you to be as nondescript as possible to the guards while trying to finalize your plans.

In other levels, you’ll have to use your makeshift equipment to get critical items such as a patrolman’s keys. You can use these items to unlock particular areas on your way out of the prison. A keen eye and a good sense of deduction are needed to be flawless at Break The Prison. If you don’t have those abilities on tap, this game can certainly help you develop them!

You’re given a star rating after you complete a level in Break The Prison. Depending on how quickly you managed to solve the area’s puzzles, the game rewards you with coins that you can use to purchase different items and power-ups. You can use these in subsequent playthroughs to further improve your time and garner more stars. This way, your escape will be seamless and would leave the guard scratching their heads as you make your getaway.

So, what are you waiting for? Test how well you can solve puzzles and download Break the Prison on your PC now!

Break the Prison’s Game Features

  • Fun, engaging, and challenging level
  • Quirky animation style
  • Over 40 different puzzles to complete and defeat
  • Free-to-play

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