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Puzzle And Conquest – Battle & Defeat The Demon Lord

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The Demon Lord has amassed a powerful undead army to take over Saurland. It’s up to you now to defend your kingdom from this powerful army. You’ll encounter this plot and storyline when you play Puzzle And Conquest. It’s a strategy puzzle RPG published by 37GAMES.

But that’s only part of what you’ll do in this fun and awesome game. You’ll soon see what we mean when we talk about how this puzzle RPG is played in more detail. We will also look at the different features you can enjoy while playing the game.

Build Your Kingdom & Assemble A Powerful Team

One part of Puzzle & Conquest’s gameplay is assembling a team of powerful heroes that you’ll use to battle the undead. The game features campaigns that you can play to progress the storyline and eliminate the undead to liberate Saurland.

This is also where you’ll play the match 3 puzzle for the game’s battle phase. Your attack will depend on matching at least three or more puzzle pieces. The other part of this puzzle RPGs gameplay is the strategy base building. You will construct and upgrade different types of buildings in this game.

Each building will also serve a purpose, like providing you with resources, recruiting heroes, or training units. The strategy part is also the real-time multiplayer aspect of the game. You don’t only deal with the undead that’s on the world map, but you should also watch out for other players. They can attack you and steal your resources.

How to Play Puzzle & Conquest

Puzzle & Conquest will have a tutorial in the beginning to teach you the basics of the gameplay. This includes both the puzzle RPG and the strategy aspect of the game. One thing you need to remember about the puzzle battle phase is that the pieces you’ll match are the ones that will attack enemies

Enemies are in a horizontal formation. To attack the one on the right side, ensure the pieces you match are on the right, and this goes for the other lanes. There will be moments when the pieces available are on the left side.

And you can match it just to move the board, but it won’t deal damage. For the strategy part, ensure you have a shield for your base to prevent other players from attacking you. You should also join an alliance as soon as possible. Make sure it’s an active alliance, so you’ll also have other players to help protect your base.

Features of the Puzzle RPG

  • Recruit and develop strong heroes to lead your team
  • Construct and upgrade buildings
  • Join an alliance and play with like-minded people
  • Enjoy the match 3 puzzle battle phase

If you enjoy this type of RPG where you play match 3 puzzles, there are other similar games you can try. One game is Monsters & Puzzles: God Battle, where you collect monsters to fight for you. The other is Puzzles & Survival, where you deal with the fallout of a zombie apocalypse.




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