Racing In Car 2
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Racing in Car 2: Awesome Driving & Racing Simulator

racing in car 2 download free
racing in car 2 download full version
racing in car 2 download PC free
racing in car 2 download PC
racing in car 2 download free
racing in car 2 download full version
racing in car 2 download PC free
racing in car 2 download PC

Racing in Car 2 is the perfect game for those who want to experience a different kind of racing game! This game by Fast Free Games lets you experience driving and racing around like never before. If you’re tired of the usual boring racing games, you should try this one.

First-Person Immersive Racing

Other racing games out there lets you control your vehicle in the third person. Although it’s convenient since it has a wider view, it is also less immersive. It doesn’t give you much racing experience as a driver. However, Racing in Car 2 sees you take the driver’s seat and drive your car in the first-person view. Here, you can experience racing right from the point of view of a race car driver. Aside from being more immersive, it is also more realistic.

Here, you will see your character’s hands man the steering wheel and behave accordingly as if you’re driving a car in real life. This includes seeing your character react on certain occasions inside the car. You can see them react when you pump the brakes suddenly or quickly steer to the left or right side of the road.

In addition, you begin your drive in Racing in Car 2 on a road that is quite populated with other motorists. You gain points for overtaking them without hitting their vehicles. However, the longer the game progresses, the more complicated the traffic becomes. You will have to master when to speed up or when to pump the brakes. Also, you have to wait for the right moment to weave into the open space to get even more points.

Itching for More Speed

The longer you can speed by the traffic and prolong your drive, the more points you will accrue. This will then let you unlock more vehicles that you can use in your races. Each car will have corresponding coin multipliers and different variations when it comes to how they handle. For example, the yellow speedster can multiply your score twenty times. However, its handling is very tight. Meanwhile, the sedan is a bit slow and has somewhat sluggish handling. This makes it a tricky vehicle to drive since you will have to take into account its specifications.

If you wish to get many points, you will have to hunker down and master each car. Doing so can help you adjust to how they behave on the road. The more familiar you are with the cars, the higher the chance of getting points. It’s just a simple matter of practicing and adjusting to the quirks of the car. You’ll get the hang of it.

Are you intrigued? Then do yourself a favor and install Racing in Car 2 on your PC to experience a unique yet fun and excitingly realistic racing game!

Racing in Car 2 Game Features

  • Intuitive and realistic driving controls
  • First-person driver’s seat view
  • Tons of different vehicles to unlock
  • Endless Game Mode
  • Free to play

Racing in Car 2 provides players the ultimate freedom to drive anywhere for as long as they want. The best part is that you need not spend a single dime to get the full experience. Try out the game today. Also, check out some of the new Racing Games available to download for free, such as Need for Speed™ No Limits and Fastlane: Road to Revenge!




How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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