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Rocket Car Ball - Download & Play Fun Sports Driving Game for Free

Do you love soccer, both watching and playing? How about watching or participating in a demolition derby where cars try to destroy each other? What do you think would happen if you combine both soccer and demolition derby? Well, you’d get Rocket Car Ball. It’s a sports action-driving game where you get to drive cars and shoot rockets at other vehicles. But that’s not all you will have to do.

Your overall goal is to shoot the gigantic ball towards the goal post using your car. That’s right! You will play soccer using vehicles. But you can also destroy other cars which will again try to ram the giant ball towards your goal post and win for their team. It’s an exciting game to play that you will enjoy. But how do you play this game? Check out the step-by-step guide below.

How to Play Rocket Car Ball?

You can choose to play Rocket Car Ball in Story Mode, Quick Play, or League. Regardless of the game mode, the gameplay would be similar. It’s three vehicles against three vehicles inside a caged arena, and the objective is to score more goals than the opponents.

Please take note that the match will start with each team in front of their goal. A giant ball will be dropped in the middle. Both teams will try to go for the ball to see who can push it first towards the enemy’s goal post. You can shoot your weapon towards the enemy to lessen their health. If you happen to hit them again, you will kill them and put them out of commission for a short while, providing your team with a slight advantage.

Moreover, just like in real soccer, the game will have two halves that will have 1 minute and 30 seconds each (depending on the match that you are playing). That’s the time that you will have to score goals. You need to ram or shoot the ball to make it move. It sounds easy, but it will be a bit challenging first since you can’t have full control over the ball.

Lastly, the team with the most goals at the end of the match will win. You can upgrade your weapons and vehicles or even get new ones to help you perform better during the game.

You can see from the guide that this game is very simple and easy to learn, but also a bit challenging to master. It’s an exciting game to play, and you won’t regret downloading it. But what else does Rocket Car Ball have to offer? Let’s check out its main features.

Rocket Car Ball Features

  • Numerous weapons and vehicles are available to use! .
  • Realistic 3D graphics to enhance your gaming experience.
  • Various game modes to enjoy.
  • Try out heavy weapons including missiles!
  • Free to play and download.
rocket car ball hit it
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rocket car ball finish the goal
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rocket car ball hit it
rocket car ball godlike
rocket car ball finish the goal
rocket car ball double kill




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