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About this Game

Climb the tallest building and swoop down upon unsuspecting evil-doers as you take on the responsibility of a caped crusader in Rope Hero 1, an online unblocked action crime simulation game from Naxeex LLC. The first of a series of games, learn the ropes of what it takes to become a hero as you begin the journey of a vigilante to hero in a city quelled by fear of criminal organizations. It is up to you to bring hope and deliver justice to those who would abuse power and the weak. Utilize a full arsenal of weapons from a baseball bat to a pistol, shotgun, and many more. Or go mano-a-mano with criminals and show them that your brawn will not tolerate their menace. Download Rope Hero for PC and learn its gameplay as you read below.


Rope Hero Unblocked Features:

From wide interactive gameplay to easy to learn dynamics, Rope Hero will have you immersed in its urban world before you even realize it. Read on to learn more about its features:


A Wide Open Urban Jungle

A sprawling urban environment is your playing ground. The entire city is open for exploration as you take on mission after mission, bringing pain upon those who mean to do wrong.

From the sprawling downtown concrete jungle to the mellow port harbor, cross bridges and leap between buildings seeking out targets for your vigilante’s fists. Decide whether you want to fight head on or surprise them from above, the choice is yours.


Rope Hero


Fully Interactive World

As a tech-base superhero, you aren’t limited to your super suit.  Since you have a wide array of weapons and toys to play with as you grow into your superhero moniker.

Even with the ability to climb up sheer building walls and leap across from rooftop to rooftop with the use of a powerful grappling rope, it may not always be enough to take on an entire criminal organization. Luckily, there are many weapons scattered across the city that you can add to your arsenal, from a baseball to a pistol or even a shotgun.

Take over abandoned vehicles ranging from lightweight motocross bikes to flash sports cars.  Or even discover the Apache attack helicopter hidden within the city to rain hell upon criminal evildoers.


Rope Hero


Learn The Ropes Grow Your Hero

Rope Hero is a crime simulation action game that also allows you to level up your superhero with a multitude of skills. Upgrade your basic stats such as overall health, health regeneration, or even your stamina to be able to do more actions without needing a break.

Increase your resistance to types of damage like bullets, energy weapons, or explosions. Choose to focus your offensive capabilities on melee with skills that increase the damage or attack speed. Or upgrade your weapon damage with scattering bullets or explosive force. Build your own Rope Hero and defend the city from the criminal underworld.


Rope Hero Online Tips & Tricks:

Being a hero is fun but also hard to achieve. Rope Hero promises to fulfill your crime-fighting dreams to come true.  However, learning how to play the game in your favor is crucial. We’ve got a few tips to show you how you can be the best hero in this game:


Explore and Discover The City

Rope Hero takes place in a large open world urban environment.  It pays to take the time to explore the city and discover all the secrets it holds. You will quickly find a multitude of ammunition and weapons scattered all over the city.

Although tempting to simply get a car and drive around to your next mission, it actually pays to travel the city on foot as you can really get a great overview of the area from the top of buildings. Some weapons and ammo are also hidden on rooftops, so that is just another bonus.


Rope Hero


You Are The Rope Hero For a Reason

As the legendary Rope Hero, you might as well make full use of your powers. The grappling hope has a lot more usefulness than just flinging yourself across the city from building to building.

Since you can interact with almost all of the environment, you can actually use the grappling rope to literally pull in cars and other destructible objects. Use it as a way to close the distance to your targets or simple as a weapon to fling enemy vehicles from the distance. The uses of the grappling rope are only limited by your imagination.

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