Sky Force Reloaded
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Play Sky Force Reloaded - Modernized Retro-Arcade Shooters Game

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sky force reloaded pc download
sky force reloaded gameplay on pc
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Get ready for an amazing shooting action game that will take you to the sky with Sky Force Reloaded. This action-packed shooting game isn’t like any other scrolling shooter you’ve ever played. Its stunning settings and strong effects will entice you in. You’ll be addicted to its excellent gameplay mechanics, advanced system, and in-game goodies. So make sure to download this explosive game for free on your PC.

Sky Force Reloaded for Action-packed Gameplay

The Sky Force Reloaded game is quite similar to its prequel, Sky Force Anniversary. Although there are a few noticeable enhancements and changes that occasionally vary with the gameplay. Sky Force Reloaded seizes the vibes of superior arcade shooters with modernized graphics and design. The newest installments in the program will remain you engaged with all of the attributes you’ve come to anticipate from scrolling shooters. This includes explosives, incinerating lasers, huge bosses, and a wide range of aircraft to pilot. 

Clear Out Objectives

Sky Force Reloaded is a two-dimensional vertical shooter. Your primary objective is to complete the level. This usually entails defeating a boss at the conclusion of the level, but it does not always. There will be four sub-objectives to gather medals for each level. Firstly, kill 70% of the Enemies and get 70% stars. Secondly, defeat 100% of the Enemies and collect 100% stars. Thirdly, rescue the civilians, and finally, avoid getting hit. The No-Hit Medal may only be obtained by completing a level. However, it’s also possible for you to get 100% kill/star medals but still die. Although, it’s extremely rare.

The first two objectives will be killed based on the level. The only exception is Level 5 because it’s star-based. This usually refers to entities that don’t attack but are nevertheless considered foes. For example, there are some levels that feature tanks or buggies that don’t attack. But if they go off-screen, you lose the 100% kill medal. If you hear “Chain Lost” during the level, you know you didn’t get the 100 percent kill medal. This indicates that an enemy or target has eluded you.

Rescue Civilians

Aside from the shooting game, one of your missions in Sky Force Reloaded is to rescue civilians who are in need of your help. These civilians are the little red folks who live on the level’s ground surrounded by a speech bubble. You’ll need to get within striking distance of them. A little circle will begin to form around them at this moment. They are rescued once the circle is filled. If you leave their range, you only have a short time to return before having to restart from the beginning.

Sky Force Reloaded Game Features

  • 15 immersive stages and challenging missions
  • Battle huge bosses
  • Unlock new modes, from Normal to Nightmare
  • Complete in-game tasks to get access to eight assistance techs.
  • 9 different aircraft to assemble
  • Find 30 elusive bonus cards
  • Risk your life to rescue missing operatives from the battlefield
  • Comes with hundreds of weapons, shields, and other equipment upgrades

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How to Install

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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