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Download Super Mario Run Gameplay for Free | Learn Feature, Tips, & Tricks

Who doesn’t love the classic Super Mario Games? Decades ago, this game was loved by game players of all ages. The game never left, it just became more developed when it came to its dynamics and graphics. Download and play Super Mario Run online and experience the classic adventure once more. Rescue Princess Peach from the notorious Bowser, make your run to the final location, get as many coins as you can and win each level.

Run and jump with style. Travel through ghost houses, caverns, plains, castles, airships and many more. Play in different modes and compete with friends. Download and play Super Mario Run free. Continue reading this article to find out more of its amazing features and learn tips and tricks.


Super Mario Run PC Features:

With a lot of Super Mario games floating around there, Super Mario Run stands out as having different modes to suit the players gaming mood. Aside from that, the game also noob-friendly controls for any beginners out there. Read on to learn more about the game’s features:


Remix 10

Super Mario Run online features Remix 10, which is a mode you can play in bite-sized bursts. It has 10 very short courses that you can play, and the courses change after every time you play it. You get to play a Bonus Game which earns you lots of rewards you can use.



Easy Game Control

In Super Mario Run, you are only going to use your one hand! So, if you’re doing something else you can play the game with your one hand, and sometimes your one finger only. The combination of moves in this game can be done by multiple taps.


Toad Rally Mode

Toad Rally mode is the training mini-game of Super Mario Run. Show off your stylish moves and play with other players all around the globe. This is a trial platform where you can experience obstacles course and compete with other friends to gain more coins. Get cheers from the Toads and once you win the game the Toads will come with you and live on your kingdom. There are also additional courses in this mode, so play more and get more Toads.



Kingdom Builder Mode

Build your own kingdom! Gain more coins and Toads so you can build your dream kingdom. There are hundreds of items you can gain in Kingdom Builder mode. The reason why the Toads are very helpful too because they can help you build your kingdom. Make your kingdom unique with different combinations of decorations. You can even use rainbow bridges to expand your kingdom.


More Playable Characters

Other characters like Luigi, Toadette, and Yodi are not there for nothing. Make use of these characters by getting them to join your adventures as characters you can play. After you rescue Princess Peach and build homes for these characters, you can play them in Toad rally and World Tour.



Super Mario Run Gameplay Tips & Tricks:

Just like some of the other Mario Games, this one will require a lot of jumping. Aside from that, your coin-collecting skills will be tested as this is one of the game’s foundations in playing it right. Read on to find out more tips & tricks:


Practice Your Jumping Skills

Your jumping skills in Super Mario Run game would matter a lot, so you have to practice and master your jumping skills. There are tricks to practice your jump, for example holding down your finger would create a high jump but a tap on the screen will only create a short jump.

The jumps you can practice are micro-jump, standard jump, long jump, 360-spin jump, ninja roll, reverse jump, combo jumps and many more.



Use the Bubble Button Wisely

If you want to go back because you missed something on the level you’re playing, you can be transported a few seconds back by pressing the bubble button. Use the bubble button wisely because you only have a limited amount of it.


Play the Toad Rally Everyday

The Toad Rally mode is going to be helpful when it comes to building your kingdom and getting more rewards. Once you build your kingdom, make sure you keep the toads happy too. Happy Toads will produce more coins, which means your kingdom is going to be bountiful.


Collect the Challenge Coins

Collect all the challenge coins. When you missed them, this is when you should use the bubble button. The challenge coins will reward you with Toad Rally tickets. The colors of these coins are purple or pink.



Download and play Super Mario Run online to relive the classic Nintendo game. Like this game? Check out our other games like Word Cookies and PJ Masks: Moonlight Heroes on PC and Mac now!

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