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Embark on an adventure of survival in a deserted island with Survivalcraft Demo free online game for PC. This famous survival game will take you to the heart of an abandoned island. Live the life of a survivor in the first-person perspective view. Survive in different levels and stay alive on an island using your survival skills. Figure out how to stay alive with the help of the resources around you. Download Survivalcraft Demo and find out for yourself!

Keep yourself warm, build your own shelter, and find your own food like a real nomad in this must-try adventure game for PC. Stay ahead of the game and utilize our tips, tricks, and walkthrough below. Can you survive on an island far away from civilization?


Free Survivalcraft Demo Game Features:


survivalcraft demo


Start from Scratch

No one wants to get stranded on an island, let alone start from scratch. In Survivalcraft Demo, there is no one to rely on but yourself. Your first goal is to keep yourself warm and find shelter immediately. Finding shelter is the first thing you would want to do if you don’t want your character to be attacked by wild animals especially at night. You can either find an available shelter or build your own but the possibility of crafting your own is more likely.


survivalcraft demo download


Find Your Own Method of Gathering Food

Aside from finding your shelter, you must also immediately find food since your character will get hungry pretty soon. The game features plenty of methods to gather foods like hunting animals or growing your own plants. If you want to play longer in the game, you have to find more self-sustaining methods or else your character will die.


Be Your Own Tailor

Another essential need to survive is clothing, it will keep your body warm. In Survivalcraft Demo you don’t only search for your own shelter and food, but you will also make your own clothes from various resources. You will also make your own tools and weapons. Survivalcraft Demo will also require you to make electrical devices and explosives to survive on a dangerous island.


survivalcraft demo game


Survivalcraft Demo is a Game You Shouldn’t Miss Trying Out

The controls of Survivalcraft Demo are very easy to use and understand regardless if you are a hardcore gamer or not. The game also has several game modes that you can play that will really test your survival skills. You will also collect several things such as precious stones, wood, and electric elements to help you throughout the rest of the game. There are so many reasons to try Survivalcraft Demo online game for PC. Play it now and travel in a world where only the toughest and the smartest survive.


Survivalcraft Demo Online Cheats, Tips and Tricks:

Find a Continuous Food Source

Finding your own food is easy, for the one you can hunt animals using tools or traps. However, animal hunting can only provide instant food and it will vanish quickly. One way to create a continuous food source is growing your own. You can start by planting your own food. It may be a lot of hard work but in the end, you will never run out of food in the game.


Try to Find More Trees

Wood will play a big part in the game and the best resource to find one is through trees. Trees can be harvested to give you woods. When you find a tree, just tap and hold it using your mouse and you can harvest wood blocks from it easily. Keep as much wood as you can as it can help you a lot in the future. The gameplay in Survivalcraft Demo is so much fun that you will forget that it is a mobile game.


survivalcraft demo online


Animals are One of Your Best Assets

Aside from food, animals can also be used as a means of transportation. Animals like donkeys, camels, and horses can be used as an instant ride in this survival game. Cattle will also help you in solving your clothing problems so use your animals wisely.

If you like playing survival games, download Survivalcraft Demo for PC and enhance your survival skills. Check out some more arcade games with creativity like Tiny Rails and Battle Robots!!

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