TailedDemonSlayer – Idle RPG
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Tailed Demon Slayer Idle RPG - Be the Unsung Hero of a Fallen Land

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Have you always dreamt of becoming a superhero? Did you ever wish to be the one who can save the world from utter devastation? Are you among those wondering what it is like to be a knight in shining armor? Fortunately, you can play Tailed Demon Slayer to find the answers to these questions. So, get ready to embark on a role-playing journey to another world in this exciting idle RPG.

The Tale of Bestia – The Place Where This Epic Idle RPG All Began

The town of Bestia has fallen. The once happy and peaceful village is now overflowing with nefarious monsters. Several undead bosses under the command of the Lich King’s iron fists are now crowding the streets.

Most, unfortunately, your master is now too old to fight and save this town from the brink of destruction. But under his tutelage, and with the help of your senior disciples, you, a young fox, take on the role of a tailed demon slayer. In a land where lives have been lost and allies have turned, you are the only flicker of hope left.

Fulfill Your Duties as the Tailed Demon Slayer

South Korean developer, CookApps, is behind this idle RPG where an anthropomorphous fox battles the fiends. To play this role-playing game, you will take on the role of this fox and go on intense battles against the forces of the evil Lich King. The gameplay is easy to understand and with a quick tutorial at the start.

If you think that the game is easy enough, do not fret! Things become more interesting in the long run as behemoth bosses and pesky zombies will try to stop you from your tracks. Live up to your destiny and stock up on heroic powers as you go on your epic journey in the Tailed Demon Slayer role-playing game. Make sure to unveil your hidden heroic potential and acquire new skills. This will help you win against the shades and zombies roaming the land.

Moreover, make your fox character stronger by collecting and equipping it with all four types of weapons. Simply click the ‘Training’ button and choose between Attack, Health, and Health Recovery stats to upgrade. Obtain fairies and bring them with you to battle enemies. Then, further strengthen your tailed demon slayer by learning the four different masteries. Should you feel stuck, you can always leave this idle RPG running in the background and simply come back later and continue where you left off.

Idle Role-Playing Game Features

  • A deep storyline that creates an engaging gaming experience
  • Customize your character by equipping weapons and outfits
  • Obtain in-game coins to learn new skills and strengthen old ones
  • Dark-themed idle RPG with high-quality graphics and detailed animations
  • Collect various monster cards from opening chests
  • Watch ads to shorten each chest’s waiting period
  • Play for free or purchase rare in-game items using real money
  • Join your friends and play together to defeat stronger villains

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