Township Community Buildings – Tips To Build Them Quickly

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Posted on October 15, 2021

When it comes to casual farming games, Township is one of the most popular and fun games that you can play. Published by Playrix, it’s a farming game that also features building a town and growing it to become a city. That’s right, it’s not just a typical farming game. You also get to build a town here and then grow it to become a city.

As a city-building game, you’ll get to construct various buildings to grow your city. One building that’s important to your city’s development in Township is the community building. But why is this the case? What does this building do anyway? Let’s discuss in more detail in this Township guide and also provide tips on how to build the community building.

What are Township Community Buildings For?

One of the main things that you’ll do in Township is to expand your city. Aside from constructing buildings, this will also require people to live in your town. Your population cap is limited, which means you can’t go beyond the cap. What you can do is to increase the cap and you do that by constructing Community Buildings. When you do this, you’ll be able to construct more houses, thus allowing you to attract more people to your town.

You’ll need to reach level 5 first to unlock the Township Community Building. Once you do that, you can start constructing the building and increasing your town’s population. The game currently has 73 community buildings available, giving you a maximum of 24,355 population. When constructing these buildings, they would require certain materials to complete.

Some examples of community building would be the Grocery Store, Hospital, School, Fire Station, and so on. The grocery store would be the first building you’ll unlock at level 5, while other buildings would be unlocked at certain levels. The materials you’ll need for construction are usually delivered by train. Higher-level Township community buildings will require materials from the Tool Exchange.
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When Using Tool Exchange

Once you reach level 60, most of the Township community buildings you need to construct here will require special materials. These materials can only be found on the Tool Exchange. You go there, look for the material you need, and then exchange the required material to get it. Some of the materials available in the Tool Exchange are the jackhammer, electric saw, drills, and so on.

When you’re exchanging materials in the Tool Exchange, it’s important not to exchange the ones that you’ll need. It’s best that you exchange only excess tools that you’re not using. This will prevent you from slowing down your progress since you’ll have to wait for new materials to come from the train.

Tips in Constructing the Community Building

Let’s now look at some tips about building Township community buildings. You might think constructing community buildings would be easy. But you also have to be aware of how to properly construct them so you won’t fall behind on your progress. Tips in this section will make sure of that.

Start with the Community Building that has the Lowest Material Requirement

When you construct community buildings, remember to always start with the one that has the lowest material requirements. This will make it easier for you to construct a community building without quickly depleting your resources. It will also allow you to quickly increase your population cap, thus building more houses to attract more people.

Only Construct 1 Community Building at A Time

Another tip is that you should only construct 1 community building at a time. You might want to attempt to speed up your progress and build two community buildings at the same time. Doing this could cause an issue with the delivery train’s algorithm. This would result in you getting unwanted materials from the train. This could also lead to another issue, which is having too many excess materials available.
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This becomes an issue because the train’s algorithm will recognize this and deliver more of the same material to you. So, it’s best that you just stick to constructing 1 community building at a time. And in case you find yourself having more than 1 material, then you should sell it to avoid getting more of the same.

Avoid Using Tcash as Much As Possible

You can buy the needed materials to construct the community building you have in mind. But you’ll have to spend Tcash to get it. Now the game provides various ways for you to earn this currency, but you’ll only be able to earn a few of them. The fastest way to get them is by spending real money. So, avoid using Tcash to purchase materials since you can get them for free. It’s best if you save the currency and use it on more important things.

Final Thoughts

The Township Community Building is very important in the game. Not only does it provide different functions, but it’s a way for you to increase your town’s population. And with the information and tips provided in this blog post, you’ll have no issue expanding your town in Township.

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