War Boxes: Tower Defense
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Game Mechanics

Protect Your Base Against Tanks In War Boxes: Tower Defense

War Boxes PC free
War Boxes download PC
War Boxes download full version
War Boxes download free
War Boxes PC free
War Boxes download PC
War Boxes download full version
War Boxes download free

One of the most fun strategy games that you can play is tower defense. The genre involves protecting your base using a variety of defensive structures, units, and skills against waves of enemies. One of the most immersive titles you can play is War Boxes: Tower Defense. It’s a pixelated action strategy game that’s published by Game Mechanics.

Your objective will be to protect your base from an army of hostile enemy tanks. In typical tower defense game fashion, you will be building turrets to help defend it. But, you will also have use of a tank that you control to move around and attack enemies. In the next section, let’s discuss further how to properly play the War Boxes: Tower Defense game.

War Boxes Battlefield Deployment

When you begin, you will be asked to select your tank. The options are limited since most vehicles are locked behind a paywall. After choosing from the available tanks, you can go to the battle preparation lobby. Here, you get to select which turrets you’ll use on the battlefield.

But like with the tanks, you’ll have one turret available while the rest can be purchased with in-game currency. There is one turret that you can afford with your starting currency, so you can go with that. Once done, you can proceed to defend your base. Unlike usual tower defense games, you will have freedom on where you want to place the turrets. But there are certain areas that you can’t place them on, like the path that enemies will use.

Placing turrets cost resources. You can only place a limited number of turrets at the beginning of the match. But as you kill enemies you also earn resources to use for placing turrets. Aside from placing turrets, you can also start moving your tank and shooting enemies off one-by-one. When the boss arrives, only your tank can deal damage. It’s advisable to focus on the boss as early as possible.

War Boxes: Tower Defense Features

  • Different tanks to use and control
  • Various turrets to deploy around the base
  • Different game modes to enjoy
  • Offline gaming capabilities

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