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WarFriends - Show Your Most Promising Shooting Skills in Gun Battles

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warfriends pc download 1
warfriends gameplay on pc 1
warfriends free pc download
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Are your skills strong enough to dominate multiple gun battles? Then, let your strengths speak for itself as you play WarFriends. In this skill-based online shooting game, you are tasked to collate various military weapons, build your powerful army and defeat your real opponents on the battlegrounds.

Published by About Fun, WarFriends online focuses more on online PvP brawls packed with loads of action and challenges. You must have all the skills and military strength needed to surpass your enemies. What’s more amazing about this game is it offers breathtaking graphics and easy controls that make your gun battles more exciting.

WarFriends – Establish Your Units & Immerse to Gun Battles

To play WarFriends, you must first call out your units, furnish their weapons, and deploy them into the warzone. Your main goal is to defeat the opposing team’s leader, and you’ll complete the level. There are loads of units that you can include in your army; you can freely deploy snipers, soldiers, tanks, helicopters, and many more.

It will be best if you’re more strategic in terms of choosing your units, as your victory lies in their hands. Once your army is set, you can gradually deploy your units in the warzone to start the game. It will be best to begin releasing tanks or any unit you think is strong enough to absorb all first shoot-outs.

Take note that in WarFriends, summoning or deploying your units is not for free. Each time you summon a unit, it will cost a certain amount of energy at your end. To ensure that you have a sufficient amount of energy all the time, you, the leader of your units, will be in charge of the energy collection.

Play WarFriends PvP – Unlock More Units & Items

As you play and win gun battles in WarFriends, you’ll be rewarded with experience and an amount of money. Your experience can help you boost your rank, which enables you to unlock more useful new items and shields that you can use in your future battles.

You can invest in powerful items like grenades, bazookas, and other exciting weapons with your hard-earned money. You can also opt for more formidable support characters to help your main character. Each unit in the WarFriends PvP game depicts stunning features and looks that can support you in your battles effectively.

Aside from unlocking more powerful units and items, you can also experience more intense action-packed gun battles with your friends. Fight with them and start dominating the top of the leaderboards with them.

Are you ready to unleash your most promising shooting skills and strategies to become the ultimate shooting arena hero? Play WarFriends now!

Compelling PvP Shooter Game Features to Explore

  • A challenging, action-packed shooting game
  • Breathtaking graphics and easy-to-understand controls
  • Create your army by summoning the best units
  • Collect and unlock powerful weapons
  • Unlock more formidable units
  • Play with your friends and rack the leaderboards

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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

OS Icon Operating System

Windows 7 or above

CPU Icon Processor

Intel or AMD


At least 2GB


5GB Free Disk Space


OpenGL 2.0+ support

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