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About this Game

Arm up for a cover-based shooter that will test your tactics, aim, and timing in WarFriends: PvP Shooter Game – now available to download and play for free on the PC. Enlist yourself in one of the most thrilling one v one action games ever made which earned its award for Best Shooter Game and Best Action Game by the Google Play Awards. Deploy a massive army against another player while you both try your best to dominate the battlefield. Only one commander can remain standing. It’s do or die.

Unique Tactical Shooting Play

On the outside, you might think WarFriends is just another generic cover-based shooter. But, what it stands out from the rest is its combination of PvE and PvP within a compact arena. While you do your best to kill the player from the other side, remember that you are in a killing field. So it is where your army versus the opposite side is charging in to destroy each other.

Deployment of army units also depends on when and where you should activate them. Do you deploy them during the early game in a blitzkrieg or should you reserve them at the last minute when the enemies have weakened? In WarFriends, it’s not just shooting you should worry about; it’s about strategy.

Choose From Various Commanders

You get to customize and pick the avatar Commander of your choice. Initially, you have a handful of operators to begin the game. However, you get to expand your selection of Commanders as you keep on playing the game. Some are unlocked through game progression, others through premium purchases.

Unlock & Upgrade Your Arsenal for Free

The more you level up, the more you need to prepare in WarFriends. Every weapon is upgradeable from higher damage output to the faster rate of fire. You can unlock more upgrade points through weapon frequency and winning matches.

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