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Worms Zone .io takes heavy inspiration from free to play multiplayer games like Slitherio, Hideio, and many io games. Much like any crawler games, Worms Zone .io online is a game that has thousands of players daily. The total number of players in a month can even peak at 500,000 worldwide. So, what is there to play in the Worms Zone .io game? It’s a semi-competitive online game where you must grow as much as you can versus other players.

Think of it as Snake but multiplayer. There is no time limit here as long as you become the longest and thickest worm on the server. But, doing so will take time, and not everyone will help you. It would be best if you dodged incoming players as well as some obstacles inside the map. If you get caught, you will restart your progress. Can you take the heat?

Play and download Worms Zone .io for PC today.

Semi-Competitive with Simple Controls

While the game is quite heated with its series of players vying to become the largest worm in the match, it offers very simple controls. All you need to remember is the directional controls. But, the gameplay is where things level up further. You will need to learn how to dodge, quick u-turn, and defend your path from other players. Doing so will require practice and lots of focus.

Become the Largest of the Group

Be large or be small. Only the biggest worms can become the best in the match, and you must defend your crawls against online opponents. You can block their growth using your body or create a fortress of yourself by locking opponents within your ring. It is a game that favors those that can outwit their opponents.

Worms Zone .io PC Game Features:

    • Stand out from other players in the game and get big.
    • Experience the best PVP matching action game.
    • Enjoy several tactics gameplay, all for free.
    • Blend in with other worms into dynamic action.
    • Free to play and Download

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Worms Pink Dog Paw
Worms Green and Yellow Worm
Worms Blue Worm
Worms Big Eye
Worms Pink Dog Paw
Worms Green and Yellow Worm
Worms Blue Worm
Worms Big Eye




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