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1v1 lol gun shooting 1v1 lol gun shooting

1v1 LOL - Online Building & Shooting Simulator - What to Expect?

Call it a Fornite rip-off if you will, but the 1v1 LOL online game is quite an interesting game. Yes, while it may heavily copy the same formula of Fortnite, it does something that Epic Games’ epic IP does not do: 1v1 frag dueling. Surprisingly, it works well in this game if you want to go on a nostalgic road back to the glory days of fast-paced arena shooters of the late 90s. However, unlike those days, this one includes the Fortnite building process along with gunslinging. Is it just a Fortnite copy or is it something else? Let’s find out.

One versus One Quick Fire Play

No frills, no rules, no long waits. One versus one LOL has a building simulator and a shooting gallery all in one. You can either do a fast brawl with the in-game AI or you can choose to fight with an online player. Whatever your choice is, you are in for a fast-paced 1v1 shootout that you would only expect during late game clashes in a battle royale.

An Indirect Practice Tool

Looking beyond its game title, it can be used as a practice tool for your Fortnite games. How? Well, it uses the same principles of build while shooting the same way Aim Hero helps you practice on FPS games and aiming at other shooters in general.

Moreover, the game is more catered to gamers who play on handheld devices and would like to improve their multitasking, micromanagement and overall shooting – building capabilities. It may be far from perfect but it is an ideal free tool for the most competitive handheld players.

1v1 LOL Simplified Shooting Game

The rules are simple: you kill first, you win the match. But to do so, you will need to pile up on your fort, build an improvised tower, all while covering yourself and shooting back at the only enemy inside the arena.

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1v1 lol blue player
1v1 lol bullets fired
1v1 lol first to shoot
1v1 lol red vs blue
1v1 lol blue player
1v1 lol bullets fired
1v1 lol first to shoot
1v1 lol red vs blue




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