The Best Arknights Guard Tier List – Updated For September 2022

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Posted on July 31, 2022

If you’re looking for a unique but very fun role-playing game, then you should try Arknights. What’s great about this game is that it’s an RPG with strategy and tower defense elements. During the battle, you get to deploy characters called operators on various grids on the battlefield. The goal is to prevent enemies from reaching your base.

There are many different operators available in the game and each one of them belongs to 1 of 8 classes. There’s Vanguard, Defender, Caster, Sniper, Guard, Medic, Support, and Specialist. Each class performs a certain role during the defense of your base and your success in the battle depends greatly on the operators you use.

To help you with that, this article will be an Arknights Guard tier list. We’ll list down the latest Guards available in the game.

What is the Guard Class?

Before we get to the best operators in the game, let’s first discuss what the Guard class is. They’re the melee damage dealer in the game, usually having high HP and Attack Power. They’re the operators that are best to put behind the defenders since they can act as a secondary defender because of their high HP.

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While their high Attack Power makes them an excellent damage dealer on the team. Most Guards are physical damage dealers, but there are also Arts Guards that can deal Arts damage. The only issue with Guards is their non-existent Arts Resist.

This means they’re vulnerable to opponents that use Arts attack. But despite that, they’re great operators and will be your team’s main source of damage. So, they’re very important to any team composition.

The S-Tier Guards – Overpowered

The most powerful Guards in Arknights will belong to the S-tiers. They’re the cream of the crop, the overpowered operators, and the ones you would want to have on your team. Winning battles would be easier if you have these operators on your line-up, even in battles that are deemed difficult. The great thing about Arknights is that there are many S-tier level Guards, as there are currently 10 of them.

La Pluma Gameplay
Image Source: Arknights Guard Tier List – La Pluma

The S-tier Guards are La Pluma, Surtr, Blaze, Mountain, Specter, Nearl the Radiant Knight, Thorns, Hellagur, SilverAsh, and Pallas. These are the operators that you would also want to focus on when it comes to development. You won’t go wrong with any of these Guard operators on your team.

The A-Tier Guards – Powerful

In case you don’t have any of the S-tier Guards of Arknights, don’t worry, as there are good alternatives. They’re the A-tier Guards, which are also powerful in their own right. They’re not overpowered like the S-tiers, but they are still powerful operators that can win you battles, including the difficult ones.

Broca Gameplay
Image Source: Arknights Guard Tier List – Broca

For the A-tiers, you have Broca, Amiya (Guard), Flint, Indra, Bibeak, Ch-en, Cutter, Skadi, Akafuyu, Utage, Tequila, and Lappland. You can also focus on these operators for development. It won’t be a waste of your resources if you use it in any of these operators. They’re that powerful and proficient at their role. They’re just not at the level of the S-tiers.

The B-Tier Guards – Great to Good

If A-tier Guard operators are still hard to come by, then a good alternative is the B-tier Guards. They’re not as powerful as the S- or A-tier operators, but they can still get the job done. However, expect a bit of challenge, especially in difficult battles like boss fights. But they’re still viable options and can you by on most battles, especially in the beginning.

Savage Arknights
Image Source: Arknights Guard Tier List – Savage

There are many B-tier Guard operators and they are Savage, Estelle, Mousse, Astesia, Sideroca, Beehunter, Franka, Matoimaru, Flambringe, Melantha, Whiplash, and Convection. These are the operators that you should be on the lookout for if you don’t have any S- or A-tier heroes yet. As for development, is best you just do it as needed. Your resources are always be on the more powerful characters.

The C-Tier Guards – Decent to Mediocre

The last Arknight Guards tier list on this article are the C-tier Guards. They’re operators that are decent and can still be used in many cases and situations. But you should expect to struggle a lot during battles since the C-tiers are not the best operators around. But they can still be used when needed. For the C-tiers, you have Popukar, Jackie, Castle-3, Midnight, Frostleaf, Dobermann, and Swire.

Popukar Arknights

These are decent Guard operators that can still help you progress. But if there are better alternatives out there, then you should go for it than using a C-tier Guard.


As for development, it’s best to save resources for better operators. Or just focus more on other classes of operators that belong to higher tiers.


It’s always best to know who are the strongest operators in Arknights. Doing so will allow you to know which operators you should use and develop, and which ones you should just put aside. In this way, you’ll be able to assemble a powerful team of operators to deal with enemies.

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