Arknights Tier List for August 2022 – The Best Operators to Use in Battle

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Posted on July 31, 2022

When it comes to exciting RPGs that boast thrilling missions, expect to hear the game Arknights. This unique RPG always captivates every player with its excellent defense elements. When it comes to matters of defense, the game introduces you to characters called operators. These defending characters are known to take action, not in the field, but in the tower. The towers are located on the battlefield and expect to see these characters.

In the game, these operators have different roles with their own specialties. They are from different classes each has its own unique abilities which you based on building your team. These classes are Guard, Caster, Medic, Defender, Specialist, Supporter, Sniper, and Vanguard. Choosing them wisely for your team is a helpful suggestion. That is why we are providing you with this reference for your guidance.

Like other RPGs, it is undeniable that there are best to average characters you can choose. This is based widely on personal preference. Though this is true, we cannot defeat the power of consensus. With that, we are providing you now the Arknights tier list for the best operators. Without further ado, let us know them by class.

S-Tier Operators

This category of Arknights is consist of the best units in the game. They are also heroes that are doing very well despite any threats they are facing. They are well-equipped with extraordinary skills which will be advantageous to you. Overall, they are the most capable operators on the battlefield.

Arknights Lappland

For the Guard S-tier list, there’s Lappland, Ch’en, Blaze, SilverAsh, Hellagur, Skadi, Surtr, Thorns, Specter, Mountain, and Astesia. When it comes to Casters, there’s Ceobe, Ifirit, Mostima, Amiya, Eyjafkjalla, Absinthe, Leonhardt, Gitano, Beeswax, Skyfire, and Click. When it comes to ablest medics, there’s Shining, Warfarin, Silence, and Ceylon.

For Defender, there’s Liskarm, Hoshiguma, Blemishine, Mudrock, Eunectes, Asbestos, and Nian. When it comes to Specialists, there’s Aak, Projekt Red, Cliffheart, and Phantom. If you’re looking for Supporters, there’s Shamare, Magallan, Scene, Angelina, Suzuran, and Glaucus. If you’re searching for Snipers, you can try Exusiai, Rosa, Meteorite, W, Andreana, and Rosmontis Schwartz. When it comes to Vanguard, you can choose Bagpipe, Siege, Myrtle, and Elysium.

A-Tier Operators

This category consists of the second most powerful characters in Arcknights. Their only difference from S-tiered ones is that they are less skillful. But these heroes are still a great choice from which your team can be built.

Arknights Cuora

For A-tier Guards, you can choose Flint, Broca, Bibeak, Ayerscarpe, Indra, Franka, Whishlish, and Arene. If you are looking for Casters, there’s Eyjafjalla, Absinthe, Leonhardt, Gitano, Beeswax, Skyfire, and Click. When it comes to Medics, you can look for Perfumer, Nightingale, Whisperain, and Ptilopsis.

If you’re searching for Defenders, you can choose Saria, Bison, Nearl, Cuora, Vulcan, and Bubble. When it comes to Specialists, you can try Jaye, Ethan, Kafka, Weedy, Gravel, Feater, Robin, and Manticore. For Supporters, you can try Istina, Pramanix, and Mayer. When it comes to Sniper, there’s Firewatch, Grey Throat, Pine Cone, Platinum, Blue Poison, Provence, and Aciddrop. If you’re searching for Vanguard, you can choose Reed, Zima, Vigna, and Texas.

B-Tier Operators

The operators under this category are doing well in many combats. They are not so useful however in tougher battles. But despite that, these operators are still capable of proving themselves on the battlefield. They are just not as capable as the S and A.

For A-tier guards, you can choose Cutter, Beehunter, Estelle, Utage, Motoimaru, Flamebringer, Mousse, and Jackie. There are also Melantha, Conviction, Sidercoa, and Frostleaf. When it comes to Caster, there’s Greyy, Haze, Nightmare, Leizi, Mint, and Tomimi.

Arknights Melantha

If you’re searching for Medics, there’s Breeze, Gavial, Myrrh, and Folinic. When it comes to Defenders, there are Hung, Dur-Nar, Gummy, Croissant, and Matterhorn. If you’re searching for Specialists, you can choose Rope, Snowsant, and Waai Fu.

For Supporters, there’s Tsukinogi, Deepcolor, and Podenco. When it comes to Snipers, there’s May, Aosta, Shirayuki, Executor, Ambriel, Sesa, Vermeil, and April. If you’re looking for Vanguard, there’s Chiave, Grani, Scavenger, and Courier.

C-Tier Operators

The Arknight Operators in this category are doing well only in some combats. They are often identified as average heroes for they have obvious weaknesses. It is suggested that you should not choose these characters in competitive gameplay. But if you don’t have very significant units, you can still utilize them.


For C-tier guards, there’s Midnight, Savage, Swire, Castle 3, and Popukar. When it comes to Casters, there’s Lava and Steward. If you’re looking for Medics, you can choose Hibiscus, Ansel, and Sussuro. The Defenders in the C-tier are Spot, Beagle, and Cardigan.

The Specialist operator is Shaw while the Supporter is Earthspirit. Regarding Snipers, there’s Catapult, Kroos, Meteor, and Jessica. The Vanguards in the C-tier are Plume, Fang, and Vanilla.

D-Tier Operators

The operators in this Arknight category are the type of characters you should avoid choosing. They are not good in any of the combats in the game and they cannot do well in any situations. That is why you have to avoid these characters as part of your team.


For D-tier Guards, there is Doberman while there are 12F and Durin from Casters. Regarding Medics, there is Lancet and Noire Corne from Defenders. Specialist D-tier is consist of D THRM-EX, Supporters has Orchid, Snipers have Rangers and Adnachiel. Lastly, the C-tier Vanguard is the only one, Yato.

Bottom Line

Just like other exciting action RPGs, it is a necessity to choose the best characters in Arknights. That is why we are providing this updated list for your reference. Feel free to put them to the test and see how they can help you in succeeding in the game.


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