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Download Clash Royale PC on Computer | Hacks, Best Decks, Tips

Pit kingdom against kingdom in this popular tower defense strategy game developed by Supercell! Clash Royale is a collectible cards + tower defense meets multiplayer online battle arena game that’s all about picking the right power cards to best bring down the opponent’s kingdom. If you enjoyed Clash of Clans, Hay Day, Boom Beach, or League of Legends (LoL) then Clash Royale PC is right up your alley too!


While the kings sit on their thrones laughing at the entire match, you must take on the role of a General or Commander, and send out the troops to meet the enemies in battle! Don’t let them steal your crowns or bring down your towers. Can you protect your kingdom by doling out Art of War strategies?


Each game lasts for a total of three minutes – the most crucial three minutes of your life! Bring on the skeletons, knights, witches, hog riders, giants… Collect the craziest cards of skilled troops in order to protect your kingdom! Let’s get going!


But first, here’s what we love about Clash Royale!


So Many Characters Cards for the Best Deck! 

There are so many characters to collect! You start out with Archers, Knight, Giant, Arrows, Musketeer and Fireball, and go on to collect stronger cards with higher elixir points like P.E.K.K.A, Lava Hound, Golem, Three Musketeers, Barbarians etc. It’s definitely a lot of fun to mix and match “decks” (a.k.a your dream team), to find out which combinations work best together. There are lots of suggested combos all over the Net, but try to develop your own through trial and error – it’s way more exciting that way!


Fight 2V2 Battles: Not so Intimidating now, eh?


Their new 2V2 feature is absolutely great for team-playing! Pair up with a friend or team up with a stranger chosen by the system and fight another pair of opponents! In 2V2 battles, elixir generation is slower by 85% (1 elixir every 3.3 seconds). The victory is twice as sweet when you win it with someone else! Of course, the King’s combined towers has 20% more health and there are two cannons. You can view your teammate’s deck briefly before the game starts to roughly see their deck. As your teammate intends to place the card, you’ll be able to see what card they chose before they put it down.


Join a Clash Royale Clan and have a Community

You can join or create a clan at level 1. Create your own clan group or join a friend’s opening. Make sure the clan is active, though, because clan wars are great for chests and growing together. The shared crown chest needs to be constantly filled up by clan members too, so you’d need to be an active clan member or join an active clan to get things going or things will turn out slow and sluggish. You can chat and do friendly battles within the clan as well!


Clash Royale Quests to keep you in check

There’s a tab for quests on your starting game page. You can open it to monitor your personal missions and have goals to head towards when playing the game, and not just play aimlessly. You can collect chests, unlock daily gifts, grow your card collection and get rewards… There are so many things to do in Clash Royale on PC, we’re not even exaggerating! Also, be kept in the loop with Clash Royale news to learn tips, read stories, and see what’s trending within the Clash Royale community.


Cute Emojis to emote with during the match!

This one is a love and hate amongst players! It can really get on your nerves if you’re losing and your opponent is spamming annoying thumbs up or crying king emojis. This is a new June 2018 feature that Supercell has put in, and there are many other less frustrating emojis in the emote collection for you to collect and use! So far, we at haven’t met a decent good-natured emote-user yet… haha! There are new cute goblins and princessy emote packs, but they have to be purchased from the store!


Tips, tricks, and hacks for the Clash Royale Best Deck


Elixir Meter

Don’t start straightaway – wait for the elixir meter to be filled up completely (10 elixir points) before you send out your troops. If you’ve got an elixir collector (6 elixir points to build), it’s best to put it down only when your elixir is full or close to full because you don’t want to be left defenseless! The opponent will know when you put down elixir that you have little points left, and might send out a strong push to defeat you! Ideally, use it only when your elixir bar is full.

If your opponent has an elixir collector, it will put you at a disadvantage in the long run. Seriously consider to take it down by sending a miner over, or use a rocket against it!


Let go of your tower if it’s going down

When your building has 500 HP or less, it’s best to concentrate building defense for your other buildings already. Don’t doggedly hold on to protecting something that might be destroyed very soon! Focus on your other towers and send out troops from those towers instead of hanging on to the dying tower. Focus especially on sending out troops via the Arena tower with the lost tower, because that’s where your opponents would most likely want to target.


Make use of the emotes / emojis

There are some forums that talk about the emotes being used as great emotional taunts strategies! Since we ourselves get quite affected by these taunting emojis, we figured that there is much truth in this. Use the taunts to get under your opponent’s skin – annoy them to throw them off, or cry + oops when you want them to think you’ve made a mistake when you haven’t, and you’re in actuality building up to your great finale finish! At the end of the game try to end it off on a good note by saying “Good game” though, after having been such a mind-messer :/


It’s not over till it’s over

Secure your victory by making sure that you’ve got the last tower in the bag! So many times there are “turnarounds” and “surprises” that occur when the player assumes that they are winning and stops sending out torrents of troops, and instead, wait for their existing team to clear out the towers! This is a huge mistake because the opponent can still send out troops! They might not have given up yet! A rocket launcher can completely wipe out your existing team, and then they’ll send a shocker by releasing a horde of troops and hog riders. Before you know it, you’re panicking and sending out troops too late. Sounds familiar? Don’t let this scenario happen to you!


Download and play Clash Royale on PC for FREE today! Check out the FAQ page for Clash Royale here!

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Ratings and Reviews

Great destressing tool

5 5 1
Fun strategy game. I like it because I can just play it whenever I want to play it as a break in between my studies. :)


5 5 1
jonatan bianchino

buen juego

5 5 1
es un buen juego pero creo que deberian agregar frre fire y fortnite

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