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Arnold Rauers

ENYO - Your Challenging Maze Journey as the God of War

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Are your strategies enough to battle more enemies? Well, you better take them with you and play ENYO. In this freemium strategy game, you’ll play the role of a God of War. You need to unleash your most effective tactical battle styles along with your weapons and shields.

Published by Arnold Rauers, this tactical roguelike game focuses on hook-and-shield combat. Your character will traverse various mazes filled with monsters and obstacles. So, is the God of War ready to take its aim and overcome all mazes? Play this game now!

ENYO – Meet the Ultimate God of War

The gameplay utilizes more indirect combat. With that said, you can defeat the ENYO enemies by merely pushing and pulling them, leading them to dangerously spiked walls or burning lava pits. You’ll be playing in a maze, and your main mission is to retrieve three ancient artifacts.

In this game, your character will be equipped with a shield and weapon. You’ll be tactically using these arsenals to defend yourself against the dangers and monsters. If you want to survive in ENYO, it will be best if you’ll try your best to annihilate all monsters ahead of you. Defeating the monsters can also help you advance in the game and set it to the extensive levels of the labyrinth.

Unleash Your Powers in Various Modes

In ENYO, there are three game modes available, each of which enables you to unveil your most promising powers. Generally, your character is set with four actions; jumping to catch the prey, releasing the shield, and more. You can also utilize the hook to move to any location you want. Take note that you can only use the hook if the location has yellow rings.

Aside from helping you reach the location you wish to reach, hooks can also help pull your target and drag them to anything that can eradicate them, such as spikes or lava. But, what matters in this game is you need to be more strategic with your moves and master your skills and weapons.

Compelling ENYO Features You Shouldn’t Miss

  • An interesting roguelike strategy game
  • Utilizes hook and shield combat
  • Test your skills and strategies in three game modes available
  • Your character has four powers
  • Master the use of your weapons and shield

Are you still up for more challenging strategy games that can keep you on your toes? Aside from ENYO, you can also test your tactical skills by playing Dreaming Dimension: Deck Heroes and Tactical Monsters Rumble Arena on your PC. Don’t miss the chance to download all these awesome titles for free here in Games.lol.




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Minimum System Requirements

You can install Games.lol on any PC that meets the following requirements:

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