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About this Game

Are you looking for a game that everybody in the family can play and join? Try Geometry Dash Lite download. It is a simple, one-touch game that is easy to play and can be enjoyed by kids. But at the same time, it is challenging enough that grown-ups can also appreciate and enjoy it.


Playing Geometry Dash Lite

Playing the free desktop game is fairly easy. You ride your rocket ship as you jump, fly, and flip your way through treacherous courses to move on to the next level. There are spiky and dangerous obstacles that you need to pass. Make sure you do not fall into the abyss or get in fiery pits. The PC game download is so addictive and will surely keep you on amused for hours.


Here are some of its cool features

The game has a retro design, and its music is an added bonus. The best part? You can customize your character. If you are unsure and do not want to ruin your score in the leaderboard, you can use the practice mode to hone your skills. Flying rockets and flipping gravity has never been this fun with Geometry Dash Lite Game. Make life more interesting.

Download Geometry Dash Lite desktop and challenge yourself to a fun game! But don’t stop there, there are tons more Arcade Games just waiting to be download for free, like Angry Birds and Subway Surfers!

Download Geometry Dash Lite on PC

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Open the Playstore
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Access your favorite
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