Geometry Dash Lite
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Geometry Dash Lite For PC : A Cool & Fun Musical Game To Download with Friends!

geometry dash lite download free PC
geometry dash lite download free
geometry dash lite download full version
geometry dash lite download PC free
geometry dash lite download PC
geometry dash lite download free PC
geometry dash lite download free
geometry dash lite download full version
geometry dash lite download PC free
geometry dash lite download PC

Do you like playing games where good music is being played? If you do, then you will enjoy playing Geometry Dash Lite. It’s an arcade game where you control a square-shaped character that’s always moving forward. You need to jump over the obstacles (which are geometrically shaped, hence the title) to allow your square to continue on and reach the end. What’s great about this game is its rhythm-based action. That means that the obstacles are placed so that when you jump, it will coincide with the music’s beat.

Don’t be surprised to see yourself tapping or bobbing your head as you play as the songs are upbeat, and they do have a good rhythm to them. The gameplay is simple, but it’s not easy. There’s more fun things to discover in this game, and you’ll only catch that if you download this match on your PC. Yet, if you’re up to know more something about this game, check out our step-by-step guide below to see how to play it.

How to Play Geometry Dash Lite Game

The main goal in each Geometry Dash Lite level is to get to the end, but that won’t be easy to do considering the many obstacles you face and the square moving forward. It would be best if you were quick in reacting to be able to complete a level. Below is how the game works.

  1. The square will always move forward, which means it will hit obstacles or fall off gaps. To avoid that, you jump.
  2. To jump, tap anywhere, and the square will jump. Hold your tap, and the square will do a continuous jump, which helps when obstacles are near each other.
  3. Time your jump to the rhythm of the music to help you avoid obstacles.
  4. You go back to the start if you hit an obstacle, so be careful.

You can see that the gameplay is simple, but it is by no means easy. Although there might be some challenge on some of the levels, playing this game would always be fun and exciting. Plus, if you’re also a math lover, well that matter can add up a little bit of spice in your gameplay. But what else can you expect from this game? Let’s check out some of the features of this musical game.

Geometry Dash Lite Play Features

  • Rhythm-based action game
  • New icons and colors to unlock to customize your character
  • Don’t just jump, ride a rocket ship, and fly to avoid obstacles
  • Practice mode to help improve your skills

From all these features, you can agree that Geometry Dash Lite for PC is a fun game to play challenging. If you’ve never experience such match, then this would be the best time for you to try it with your friends. And who knows? You might nailed each levels until the end! But you know that’s better? It’s playing Geometry Dash Lite on PC. And you’re just at the right website if you want to do that.

Download Geometry Dash Lite desktop and challenge yourself to a fun game! But don’t stop there, there are tons more arcade games just waiting to be download for free, like Angry Birds and Subway Surfers!




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