30 Best Arcade Games of All Time – Just Like the Old Times

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Posted on February 8, 2022

From the legendary Super Mario to the clever Donkey Kong Game, no wonder most of us have already played arcade games. Way back before, we used to drop coins or tokens just to play these wonderful games on weekends or whenever we visited an amusement park.

Now, these arcade games are enhanced with in-depth graphics, visuals, and sounds, and there’s no need to drop those coins because you can play them right on your PC! So, to update your long list of arcade games, let this top list show you the best arcade games of all time.

30 Best Arcade Games Everyone Must Know

Here are the 30 free arcade games you must check out:

1. Angry Birds

Starting the list of free arcade games is the famous creation of Rovio Entertainment Corporation, the Angry Birds. Who among us does not know the epic bird-slinging arcade game? Now, this game has already reached various game variations but one thing is for sure: Angry Birds games are fun to play.

To give you quick information about this game, Angry Birds is a war game between the angry birds themselves and the evil pigs who abducted their eggs. So, your task here is to defeat the evil pigs and get the eggs.


angry birds sky high


2. Super Fowlst

Next on the list of the best arcade games is Super Fowlst. This chicken-filled game was published by Thomas K Young. In this game, you will witness an extraordinary chicken that can fly, jump, and even smash to kill its enemies.

In this arcade game, you will take on the role of the unstoppable chicken, who will do anything to save the world from the evil demons who try to dominate it. It is an action-packed game where you will deal with various stages and huge bosses. Along the way, you can get a chance to loot gadgets that you can trade in exchange for bombs and rockets that you can use against the strong bosses.


super fowlst download full version


3. Subway Surfers

If you are a real arcade game player, then you should know how to play Subway Surfers. It is a wonderful game developed by Kiloo. Your objective in this game, which you will play with Jake and his friends, is to stay out of the security guard’s sight. To do that, you need to dash through the three-lane subway tracks.

Along the way, you can get a chance to loot power-ups and coins that can speed up your running. This endless runner game also offers various characters and items ready for you to unlock. So, are you ready to run and run?


subway surfers runner


4. Bubble Shooter

Joining the huge roster of the best arcade games is the Bubble Shooter on Smoote Mobile. If you are looking for something fun and exciting, like a bubble shooting game, you better not miss trying this one. In this game, your objective is to get rid of all the bubbles on the board before they get to the bottom part.

There are two game modes to choose from and various levels to accomplish. In this game, you need to be tactical at aiming the bubbles correctly and make sure that bubbles on the board won’t expand until they reach you, or else the game is over.


bubble shooter download free 1


5. Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze

Another epic arcade game that will surely bring back your childhood memories is the Pac-Man 256 – Endless Maze. This legendary game was developed by BANDAI NAMCO and was renowned as one of the best games way back in 2015.

Pac-Man 256: Endless Maze PC Game is an endless game where you are tasked with outplaying the ghosts who wish to capture you. Remember, some powerful villains hide behind the shadows, waiting for the right time to get you.


pac man 256 for pc


6. Crossy Road

Are you good at crossing huge highways? Well, let’s test your prowess on HIPSTER WHALE’s Crossy Road. In this game, you are tasked with taking on the role of a character who needs to cross wide highways, rivers, and even train tracks. The further you reach, the higher the score you will get.

In this game, you can get a chance to collect over 150 characters designed in retro and pop fashion. Aside from the chicken, you can also get the opportunity to play with other animals like cows, pigeons, and even a universe.

crossy road download free


7. Sonic Forces

You are not a certified arcade player if you’re not familiar with Sonic the Hedgehog. Sonic Forces is an exciting racing game published by SEGA. Here, you need to run as fast as possible and successfully reach victory.

Along your path, there will be opponents who will try to interfere with your run and stop you, and you need to battle against them. In this nostalgic game, you can freely choose which character you will be using, and you can either select Sonic, Knuckles, Amy, Rouge, or Shadow.


Sonic Forces download free


8. Doodle Jump

Are you looking for a unique and addicting arcade game? Well, you must not miss checking out Doodle Jump. Lima Sky LLC developed this game. In this game, your main objective is to help the strange creature with a beak-like mouth continuously jump upwards into various doodled daisies.

In the first stages, you will find them easy to complete, but as you progress to the later levels, the platforms become less and seem challenging to surpass. But there are power-ups along the way, so there is still a means to complete levels.


doodlejump alien abductions


9. Jetpack Joyride

Another enjoyable game you shouldn’t miss is the well-known Jetpack Joyride video game by Halfbrick Studios. You will play as Barry Steakfries in this game and use the jetpack to get out of the crazy scientist’s house.

To get away, you have to fly the jetpack through the air and shoot enemies if you have to. You have to play this game because you have to complete different tasks and get better tools and gadgets to help you on your never-ending adventure.

jetpack joyride rainbow ride


10. Air Hockey Deluxe

Good news to air hockey enthusiasts! You can now play the game right on your PC through Air Hockey Deluxe. This sports game on PC was developed by Words Mobile and depicts loads of fun and excitement like you are playing the actual sport right at home.

Like the typical sport of air hockey, the rules are the same. But the difference is that it offers additional features like different table pucks, and the audiovisuals are very realistic like you are playing in a real air hockey game.


air hockey deluxe goal


11. Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter

If you are fond of shooting games in the Wild West, then Mad Bullets: Cowboy Shooter is right for you. As the game title suggests, you will be dealing with pistols and guns here. In this game, your objective is to prove that you are the best cowboy in the Wild West.

Here, you need to deal with loads of enemies like American ninjas and mean desperados and to defeat them, you need to shoot them; the more fatal your shot is, the better. You will encounter different girls along your way, and you need to save them from the dangerous streets. There are also other distractions along the way; beware of that.


mad bullets pc full version


12. Tetris Blitz

Who among us has not yet played the famous Tetris game? If you are one of those players who have not yet played this nostalgic tile-matching game, you better grab the chance and play it with Tetris Blitz.

Tetris Blitz, published by Electronic Arts, is a fast-paced game with a creative design and competitive elements that will keep every player fascinated for hours, not just minutes. What makes this game even more thrilling is the Battle Mode, which allows you to compete against other players from across the world.


tetris blitz download PC free


13. Coin Dozer: Free Prizes

Do you use to play coin-pushing games in amusement parks? Well, you can actually play this game right on your PC with Game Circus LLC’s Coin Dozer – Free Prizes. Like the typical coin-pushing machine, you need to drop some coins to push the coins inside the machine and get coins in return and amazing prizes.

Coin Dozer – Free Prizes offers realistic physics making each player feel that they are playing in a real coin-pushing machine. What is more exciting about this game is that you can shake the pusher to move the coins and quickly drop the coins and prizes.


coin dozer smiling toy car prize


14. Google Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Online Game

Another exciting creation of BANDAI NAMCO is the Google Pac-Man 30th Anniversary Online Game. This legendary arcade game has reached 40 years already and still counting. Like the classic Pac-Man game, you need to escape the ghosts that aim to catch you. But, once you’ve got a ghost-transforming Pac-Dots, you need to chase them!

If you are looking for a game that will terribly release your adrenaline and continuously pound your heart, then this game is right for you. Though the gameplay is easy, don’t be too confident because there are ghosts that await you from nowhere.


PAC-MAN Arcade Game


15. Pinball Flipper Classic 11in1 – Arcade Breakout 18

Another free arcade game included in our list is the Pinball Flipper Classic 11in1 – Arcade Breakout 18. If you are familiar with the pinball machine you used to play when you were still a kid, then that’s how this game works, but with some twists.

In this game, you will get a chance to play at a more advanced pinball table where you can experience more adventures, challenges, point systems, and obstacles. So, are your flippers ready to manage your ball? Let’s see what you’ve got.



16. Squadron – Bullet Hell Shooter

Whenever talking about arcade games, classical space shooting games will surely be mentioned as one of the most exciting games to play. Luckily, you can experience this kind of game right on your PC through Magma Mobile’s Squadron – Bullet Hell Shooter.

Like the usual space shooting games, you will take the role of a pilot who will drive the spaceship. Along your journey, you need to take against various enemies in space who are trying to invade the universe.


squadron download free


17. Tetris

An excellent appreciation for Electronic Arts for creating Tetris playable on PC. Does anyone here don’t know how to play Tetris? Well, if you just heard it, then you better unlock the skill and try it on your PC now.

EA’s Tetris offers exciting game modes, making the classical Tetris more engaging and fun. You can try playing Tetris Galaxy and Marathon Mode. To check your prowess, you can check your scores in the leaderboards and compare your performance to other players around the world.


Tetris Choosing Next Block


18. Brick Breaker Arcade

Adding to the top list of arcade games is the Brick Breaker Arcade. The classic video game with the same name served as the inspiration for Brick Breaker Arcade, which Boze Games created. This pixel-based game offers 40 unique levels, and each level depicts its own distinct presentation, perfect not only for old players but also for new ones.

What is more amazing about this game is that it gives power-ups to enhance the gameplay. These powerups are randomly deployed at each level. Remember, don’t take red power-ups; they can spin down the platform.


brick breaker arcade download free


19. Golden Axe Classics

Are you fond of playing retro games? Well, why go further if SEGA got something for you, the Golden Axe Classics. In this game, you need to choose a hero who will fight against different monsters and opponents. The game offers all the Golden Axe series, so there are more reasons to have fun!

Like the classic retro games, you need to take potions to make your character stronger. There is a health bar to check the lifespan of your character. You are given three lives in this game, but what is amazing about this game is you can save your progress.


golden axe classics download PC


20. Comix Zone Classic

If you are looking for some action and fighting games, you better check out Comix Zone Classic. SEGA created Comix Zone Classic, which enables players to read comic books while engaging in retro combat. In this game, you will take on the role of Sketch Turner and you will need to fight against vicious evil forces.

Comix Zone is an action game where you can witness a combination of fighting and adventure. But, your main goal is to beat the Mutant Queen and other characters. But keep an eye on Mortus; make sure that you are one step ahead of him, or else the game is over.


Comix Zone Classic download free


21. Super Mario Run

You missed half of your life if you did not play the iconic Super Mario. Now, there’s no need to drop some tokens or coins as you can play right on your PC Nintendo’s Super Mario Run. The gameplay is easy, and the mechanics are the same as the classic game you use to play at arcades.

Help the enigmatic plumber Mario save Princess Peach from the minions who have taken her. You need to surpass various levels filled with obstacles, enemies, and gold coins to save the princess. As you progress in the game, you can also get a chance to unlock other characters like Luigi, Toad, Toadette, and Yoshi.


super mario run gameplay on pc 1


22. Geometry Dash

Let’s test your skills and patience by playing Geometry Dash. Developed by RobTop Games, this rhythm-based action platformer tasks players to surpass various levels safely. Here, you will control a box-type character; you can choose to jump or fly just to avoid the obstacles along your way.

At first, you will find yourself frustrated about finishing a single level, but as you repetitively do it, you will surely get the technique. There are unnumbered levels to accomplish and game levels to undertake. To add excitement to your gameplay, you can also aim for the icons and accomplish missions to get unique rewards.


geometry dash download full version


23. Super Tank – Battle City 1990

Are you familiar with the classic NES tank game? If yes, you can actually play that nostalgic game right on your PC with Super Tank – Battle City 1990. This remake of a classic game by Tee Studion uses the same gameplay mechanics as the original game.

In this game, the hierarchical orders of the levels are a bit different, meaning you can go with the difficult ones even if you’ve just started the game. There are 1000 levels ready for you to unlock and explore.


super tank free download


24. Chilly Snow

Do you love snow? Do you love adventure? Well, you can experience both in Chilly Snow. Published by Acid Cousins, Chilly Snow is a fast-moving arcade game that asks you to slide down the snowy mountain as fast as you can.

Your score depends on how far you go, meaning the farther you go, the higher the score you obtain. Aside from the exciting gameplay, you will surely be amazed by the excellent graphics, such as colorful pine trees. If you are a competitive player, you can compete against other players worldwide.


chilly snow for pc


25. Mortal Kombat

Did you miss the legendary classic fighting game, Mortal Kombat? It’s your lucky day! There’s no need to drop coins and tokens, as this nostalgic game is playable right on your PC. Unleash your best fighting skills as you immerse yourself in 3v3 combat.

Play with your favorite Mortal Kombat characters: Liu Kang, Scorpion, Katana, Goro, Sub-Zero, and many more. Each character possesses its own fighting style and weapons as well. What is more exciting about this arcade game is that you can battle against other players online.


Mortal Kombat download PC free


26. The King of Fighters

Do you wish to play the iconic King of Fighters on PC? Well, it’s possible here! Published by SNK CORPORATION, King of Fighters is a lite version of the Steam version of The King of Fighters XII. Luckily, you don’t need to pay because this game is free!

However, expect that some characters from the original version might disappear. Because it is a lite version, the background is expected to be non-live 2D and have fewer HD elements. But what is more important is that you can play the legendary King of Fighters efficiently.


the king of fighters a 2012 gameplay on pc


27. Crash of Cars

If you are looking for a car arcade game, then you must not miss playing the Crash of Cars. Published by Not Doppler, Crash of Cars is a multiplayer arcade game where you can enjoy controlling various vehicles. Your main goal is to destroy other vehicles for crowns in this game. There are also power-ups and crates to improve your defense.

There are more than 100 vehicles to unlock, and you can choose from a race car, fire truck, buggy, and even a Spanish Galleon. To use these vehicles, you need to collect enough coins to get crowns. There are also more than 30 vehicle skins to create a more personalized look for your car.


crashofcars download free


28. Contra Returns

Are you familiar with the legendary Contra Returns? Well, no need to find arcades to play it, as you can have this game on HD visuals right on your PC. Developed by PROXIMA BETA, Contra Returns is a free-action shooting game enhanced, combining the classical elements of the game with modern aspects of the new games today.

In this game, you will undertake a story campaign where you need to deal with new vehicles, new levels, new sets of weapons, and extra mechanics such as customizing your characters. You can try the PvP and CooP modes if you are a competitive player.


contra returns download full version


29. 3D Snake.IO – Fun Rivalry Free Battle Game 2021

Derived from the classic snake video game is the 3D Snake.IO – Fun Rivalry Free Battle Game 2021. If you are looking for a perfect game that will keep you engaged for hours, then this casual arcade game is right for you.

In 3D Snake.IO, your objective is to feed the snake with blocks. The more your snake eats, the longer it gets. To do this, your snake needs to explore the field to find food. Of course, you’ll start small and get larger once you start eating. However, as the snake becomes longer, less food appears, which indicates that it is time to eat smaller snakes. So, you better get ahead of yourself, or else you will be eaten.


3d snake io download full version


30. Tank Stars

Landing on the last spot of the best arcade games is the Tank Stars of Playgendary. As the title suggests, you need to use powerful tanks, missiles, and bombs against your opponents. It is an exciting shooting game where you need to throw powerful explosions and equip your tank with excellent weapons.

You will surely enjoy playing Tank Stars as it offers high-quality 3D graphics, and you can play with your friends and even random players online. So, is your tank ready for the war? Locate your tank and find the right angle against it.


tank stars download full version


So, that’s it! These are the 30 best arcade games of all time! Do you have a personal favorite arcade game? Can you share them here? If you want to check out more arcade games, feel free to check them out here.

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