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Mahjong Soul

Yostar Limited

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About this Game

From the developers of Azur Lane and Arknights comes a fun and engaging take on one of Japan’s most popular social games. Mahjong Soul is a multiplayer strategy game created by Yostar Limited. It brings the traditional riichi mahjong to the digital platform! It also combined video gaming elements like playable characters, stunning visual effects, and a cool fantasy setting! What’s even better is you can bring your top-tier skills completely free on PC!


Fully Voiced & Playable ACG Characters

Mahjong Soul brings a new twist to social games as it allows you to play beautifully designed characters inspired by animes, comics, and games! Every single avatar in the title is fully voiced by famous Japanese VAs.

And that’s not all, every character has progression along with a compelling personal story. You can also customize them with cool costumes– making your victory in every mahjong competition sweeter!


Enticing Visual Effects & Fun Multiplayer

Immerse yourself with Mahjong Soul’s 3D gameplay graphics and remarkable visual effects. It’s not just the same as playing mahjong in real life. It’s a fantasy RPG that brings color to tradition in modern platforms!

Of course, you can’t play mahjong without other players to compete with. One of the game’s most prominent features is you can play mahjong with everyone worldwide! Engage in competitive Ranked and Tournament matches to see who truly rules the tiles. You can also practice with close acquaintances in Friendly Matches.

In fact, you can bring more flavor to your riichi-mahjong match by flaunting some mischievous character emojis or turn on the voice option so you can all communicate, and laugh together. Mahjong is a social game after all, and you can heighten that fun experience by downloading it on your PC!


Download The Immersive Mahjong Soul On PC

Mahjong Soul is initially released as a title for the mobile platform, but it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy it on PC. Doing so gives you access to better graphics, fully customizable mapping controls, and of course, a bigger screen! Now it doesn’t need to be complicated! If you want to play this fun, innovative game on PC– then follow these simple steps:


Mahjong Soul

source: YouTube


  1. Hit the yellow “Play Now” found all over the page.
  2. Click the downloaded program file on the bottom left corner of your chrome browser. You can also find it in your PC’s Downloads folder.
  3. Follow the on-screen installation instructions and wait for it to finish.

Once it finishes installing, the game will start automatically and you can bring your top riichi-mahjong skills to the table! Are you a fan of strategy games? Then you might want to check out the action-packed Guns of Glory or test your stealth skills with King of Thieves! You’ll never run out of games here! There are many more where these come from!

Download Mahjong Soul on PC

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Open the Playstore
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Access your favorite
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