Strikers 1999 PC Version | A Worthy Successor of Strikers 1945

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About this Game


The old Strikers 1945 game is a great way to satisfy yourself with nostalgia. However, you will soon finish the game if you can’t help yourself from binge-playing. Hence, you don’t have any choice but look for another game with a similar feel and aesthetics. This is where STRIKERS 1999 PC comes in.

STRIKERS 1999 game does its best to give you a sense of nostalgia similar to Strikers 1945. It features the same gameplay, art style, and graphics. If you have finished Strikers 1945 but you are still craving for more levels, then this is the game worth playing!

Although STRIKERS 1999 PC is meant to be a spiritual successor to Strikers 1945, the game has tons of features that you won’t find in the classic game. This means that the game is also perfect if you want an upgraded Strikers 1945!


Drop-in Drop-out Multiplayer

If you feel so alone playing Strikers 1945 without friends, STRIKERS 1999 download will make you feel different. Featuring a drop-in drop-out multiplayer mode, players can enjoy the multiplayer aspect of the game even if you don’t personally know anyone who plays it.

Also, players can either drop in ongoing levels or create rooms of their own. Both choices let players enjoy the game with strangers and friends. Definitely, forging a unique sense of community.


Modern Planes

While Strikers 1945 features WWII planes, the Strikers 1999 game features iconic planes from the Cold War Era! Ranging from 3rd gen stealth planes to niche bombers, these planes make this game worthy of your attention.


Strikers 1999 PC – Play it Anywhere, School & Work Included!

You can play Strikers 1999 PC unblocked virtually anywhere as long as you have a PC or laptop with you. All you have to do is to get your Strikers 1999 download now and you’re good to go!

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