Tank Stars: Ride the Best Tanks & Blast Your Enemies Into Pieces

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About this Game

There are tons of tank games like Tank Stars in store right now. Mostly, they are about completing missions and having boring graphics. But unlike those games, this one is special. This game is more exciting than the others and has unique gameplay. Also, it will surely give you an action-packed good time. Tank Stars by Playgendary is a fun and exciting game that’s perfect for everyone. If you love blowing things off and blasting your enemies, this is the ideal game for you!

Use tanks, powerful weapons, and go to war against your friends in this game. Play this fun arcade game on your PC now, and you will see tanks from a new perspective.

Getting to Know Tank Stars

Tank Stars is a game where you are equipped with tanks that you can use to kill your enemies. Of course, you will need to use loads of powerful weapons. You can easily kill them all using one missile or make fun of them with the simplest range weapons there is. With its fantastic gameplay, you will also find it hard to stop playing this amazing game.

Gather your friends and play this exciting multiplayer game with them. Show them what you’ve got in this action-packed arcade game! Use your tanks wisely, and make sure to kill them all in one precise shot.

How to Play the Game

This is not your typical tank game. Here, you will be fighting against your friends or strangers from all over the world. After the tutorial, you will be riding your tank and using powerful weapons and artillery. It’s all about strategy on how you can defeat your opponents. Before you start, you will be choosing your tank on the main menu. Then, you will be thrown into the battlefield. Although, you will have to take note of your fuel because every move you make decreases it. Make sure to point or aim your tank towards your enemy.

You can choose what kind of weapons you will use to shoot your enemies. Make sure to familiarize them and pick the one that will give you a winning shot. Kill them first before they can kill you! After that, you will be going through the levels, which will be easier for you once you get the hang of it. Play Tank Stars on PC now for free and enjoy an extraordinary tank game.

Game Features

  • Use the best and deadliest weapons.
  • Play with friends online. It’s a fun multiplayer game for everyone.
  • Upgrade your weapons and kill your enemies in one blast.
  • Cool and visually-stunning graphics.

Aside from tanks, you can also equip yourself with additional weapons and explosives. Choose from a variety of bombs, missiles, nuclear atomic bombs, and other weapons of mass destruction. See how each type can annihilate your enemy on the battlefield! If you want more, you can choose from Forge of Empires, Zombie High School, or other action games from our collection.

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