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Slay Enemies on Throne Rush | Download Throne Rush PC Game

Discover New Worlds and Slay Your Enemies in this Open-World MMORPG Game

Enjoy high-quality MMORPG game with Throne Rush for PC! Join a community of over 27 million players and discover an open fantasy world that is divided into unique continents. Discover new territories and slay your enemies in various combats along the way. Get your free download copy of Throne Rush below!

In Throne Rush, you also have to build and fortify your own army and scavenge for resources to keep them well-nourished and strong. Save enough resources and protect your people from brutal outside forces! Don’t forget to develop your community towards becoming a prosperous Empire in its own right.


Join Mighty Clans, Alliances, and Guilds in Throne Rush

In the Throne Rush gaming community, you can join in a variety of clans, alliances, and guilds that would share the same goals and missions with you! Or you can also form your own and declare war against other clans and guilds that refuse to rally towards your cause. With a powerful army, you can destroy your enemies and crush everything in your path on Throne Rush!

You can also discover and collect special heroes who possess special abilities. They can either be archers, swordsmen or mages. There are also over 18 mercenaries that can boost your army in numbers and strength. Are you a fan of challenging strategy games? Check out Grow Empire: Rome and Game of Sultans.

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Click "Yes" on the system dialog window to start of your game installation.
Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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