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Hard Time (Prison Sim)


Hard Time (Prison Sim) Download Free PC Games on Gameslol

Hard Time (Prison Sim) – A Harcore Prison Sim with Robust Combat

The popular Hard Time (Prison Sim) created by Mdickie is now on PC! Boasting a robust prison simulation system and an even more robust wrestling and combat system, Hard Time PC is a game guaranteed to give you endless hours of entertainment. Are you curious about everything else that Hard Time (Prison Sim) PC? Read on to find out more!


Hard Time Prison Sim Gameplay and Features

Hard Time (Prison Sim) PC uses the same engine used by Mdicikie’s other games such as booking Revolution. Thus, it has a detailed wrestling move system in addition to tons of customization options.


Dynamic Jail System

The prison is composed of 12 bustling prison areas. Each one is ruled by a different gang. Can you earn their respect and become a part of one of the gangs? Can you do so without attracting too much heat from the jail guards?

Each day the conditions will take a toll on you. Your health and mental state will start to drain which you can replenish by sleeping. However, it’s not your call when you can sleep so eating food and getting drinks would have to suffice for those moments.


Wrestling System

All Mdickie games feature a hardcore wrestling system where you can customize your character’s wrestling moves. Thus, the prison brawls in Hard Time (Prison Sim) PC are more realistic than any AAA games to date.

Take the fight to others with your customized character. Use the moves you choose and your skills to take out everyone in your way. Train your agility, strength, intellect, and reputation to improve your character’s abilities and overall performance.

You can also take some jobs in order to earn money which increases your opportunities.

Get your free Hard Time (Prison Sim) Download now and look forward to unlimited customization and a hardcore prison life! And if you enjoy this type of simulation game, you might want to try our other offerings such as Escape the Prison and Wrestling Revolution.

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Once download is completed, the game will start automatically.

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