Power Rangers: Legacy Wars
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Hero Power Rangers Free Download
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Power Rangers Legacy Wars PC - Assemble The Best Rangers & Defeat Evil

Power Rangers Legacy Wars Red vs Blue
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Red Ranger
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Evil Rangers
Power Rangers Legacy Wars BLue Ranger
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Red vs Blue
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Red Ranger
Power Rangers Legacy Wars Evil Rangers
Power Rangers Legacy Wars BLue Ranger

Were you a big fan of the Power Rangers franchise? Watching on TV and imagining yourself as one of the rangers that’s fighting against various evil villains? Well, you are in luck since you now have a chance to at least fulfill your imagination of being a power ranger and battling evil villains. With the help of Power Rangers Legacy Wars PC, this part is an action fighting game that’s published by nWay Inc.

In this game, the evil space witch Rita Respula has infected the Morphin Grid and used it to create virtual monsters and rangers to do all of her evil deeds. It is up to you to stop her from wreaking further havoc across the universe. But you won’t do this alone, as you will also need to assemble your powerful team of rangers to battle the evil clones. Let’s discuss how to play this game in the next section.

How to Play Power Rangers: Legacy Wars?

When you start playing the game, you will first be undergoing training, teaching you how to move forward and back, then how to attack and defend against enemies. But unlike usual fighting games, you can’t just attack as much as you want. You will need to wait for the energy bar to fill before you can use attacks and abilities.

Each attack will have the corresponding energy required to use. The amount of energy you can reach is 10, and they do fill up quite fast. With that amount of energy, you can likely do 2-3 attacks consecutively.

Besides, you will be fighting with a team of 3, with only the leader being the one to battle. The other two members can be used to provide attack assistance. But like attacks and skills, it will also require energy.

After completing the training, you can start battling for real. The goal is to assemble the most powerful team in the game. This game’s beauty is that you don’t only have to use Rangers to form the most potent team. You can even use villains such as Lord Zedd, Goldar, and many more.

Of course, a Power Ranger game won’t be complete without Megazords, which you will also collect and battle within this game. There’s also a player-vs-player mode where you can test your team against the team of other players.

Power Rangers: Legacy Wars Features

  • Over 80 warriors to collect in the match!
  • Get a chance to upgrade and form the most powerful team
  • Multiplayer mode where you battle other players in real-time
  • Battle using giant Megazords
  • Amazing graphics and battle sequence

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