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About this Game

No, this isn’t a game that you think you know, this is War Wings! The War Wings game puts you back in time from 1939 to 1945. You are an ace pilot who must carry out one and only mission: defeat your enemies in the air. Play one of the greatest airplane multiplayer shooters of all time! War Wings establishes an authentic yet arcade dog fight experience that you’ll never find anywhere else. Play as either the Allies or Axis as you either shoot above battlefields on lands or hover over the Pacific war as ships rage on. Download War Wings on PC for free!


Intense 4v4 War of the Wings

Dropping bombs and spewing machine guns while chasing them down is always a blast in this kind of game. You can either play solo or with a premade team. Or, if you feel like going in all by yourself, you can always engage in a free-for-all against 7 other dogfighters.


Customize and Upgrade Your Plane

Best of all, there are over more than 70 planes to collect – all authentic aircraft during the greatest war of mankind. More so, you can upgrade your favorite plane and customize it to your own preference. Improve the stats and assemble the best parts as you go along the game. When you need to do overkill in War Wings, you will need the best customizations. Most of all, the game does not heed to pay-to-win tactics! For more unique war games, get your copy of World at Arms and Sea Battle.

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