20 Minutes Till Dawn – Best Build for The Top Characters

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Posted on November 5, 2023

20 Minutes Till Dawn emerged as a dynamic alternative to Vampire Survivors during its peak popularity, presenting a distinct and potentially more skill-centric option for enthusiasts of intense horde-slaying bullet hell gameplay. However, akin to Vampire Survivors, there are best builds in 20 Minutes Till Dawn that offers overpowering and game-altering strategies, enabling players to swiftly decimate their foes.

The creation and execution of the best 20 minutes till dawn builds can pose a challenge, given that the game features a roster of 12 playable characters and encompasses 21 upgrade trees consisting of a staggering 84 unique upgrades. To assist players in their pursuit of victory, we have compiled a comprehensive list of solid build ideas that serve as a strong foundation for success. By leveraging these build concepts, fans can enter each run armed with a clear plan of action, ensuring a higher chance of triumph.

Infinite Flame

  • Character: Scarlett
  • Preferred Tome: Tome of Rage OR Tome of Elements
  • Weapon of Choice: Flame Cannon

Scarlett possesses a remarkable ability that unleashes fiery projectiles every third shot, capable of piercing through enemies and inflicting the devastating Burn effect. This unique source of flame damage synergizes exceptionally well with the best weapon in 20 Minutes Till Dawn, which is the Flame Cannon together Burn upgrades, such as Scarlett’s Pyromaniac perk.

To maximize the potential of this build, players should prioritize enhancing their projectile count, as it greatly amplifies the effectiveness of the Flame Cannon. Additionally, perks like Pyro Mage and Fire Starter should be sought after to further augment the build. For the ultimate finishing touch, the Ethereal sword rune proves to be the icing on the cake, ensuring that the player’s firearm never depletes its ammunition. When combined with a substantial projectile count, this combination empowers players to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield.

Infinite Flame 20 minutes till dawn



  • Character: Aaron
  • Preferred Tome: Tome of Fury
  • Weapon of Choice: Cyclone Sword

The Cyclone Sword holds immense potential as a devastating weapon, capable of wreaking havoc when wielded skillfully. Aaron is undeniably the ideal character to harness the true power of the Cyclone Sword, as his innate agility enhances its effectiveness. Additionally, Aaron possesses the unique ability to unleash a flurry of projectiles in all directions, perfectly complementing this build.

To optimize this playstyle, prioritize acquiring the Death Sickle evolution and the Miniclip synergy (obtained by selecting Fan Fire and Fresh Clip). Focus on increasing fire rate and bullet speed to maximize the blade’s effectiveness. Towards the later stages of the game, consider adding the Siege ability, which can be a valuable asset for clearing out large groups of enemies. However, exercise caution when using it against bosses, as it may leave players vulnerable to their attacks.

With Aaron’s agility and the Cyclone Sword’s potency, players can become an unstoppable force, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake.

Cyclone Sword 20 minutes till dawn


Machine Dragon Shotgun

  • Character: Any
  • First Grimoire: Tome of Power
  • Weapon: Shotgun

This particular setup caters to newcomers as it doesn’t rely heavily on a specific character, making it accessible to anyone, even if you prefer playing as Shana. What’s more, it allows you to swiftly amass power early in the game and continue to excel as you progress, thanks to the formidable Dragon summon.

To craft this build, you’ll want to equip the Shotgun. The core strategy revolves around enhancing your shotgun’s bullet spread, fire rate, and damage output. To achieve this, prioritize high-impact upgrades such as Mighty Shot, along with abilities that boost your area-of-effect potential, like Fan Fire and Splinter. The synergy between bullet spread and fire rate when paired with the Shotgun, especially with Big Shot, can lead to game-breaking scenarios when the right enhancements are chosen, such as Fresh Clip and Fusillade. While the Dragon summon isn’t an absolute necessity, it proves highly beneficial for toppling formidable bosses thanks to its scaling damage potential.

Shotgun 20 minutes till dawn


Rapid Fire Storm

  • Character: Spark
  • Preferred Tome: Tome of Elements
  • Weapon of Choice: Dual SMGs

Spark, the electrifying hero, is perfectly suited for this streamlined and effective build. With Spark’s inherent ability to summon lightning strikes on-hit, it’s only natural to capitalize on lightning-themed upgrades and a rapid rate of fire. This makes the Dual SMGs an ideal weapon choice, thanks to their blistering fire rate.

To unleash the full potential of this build, players should prioritize unlocking the Electro Mage perk. This will pave the way to essential upgrades such as Energized and Electro Mastery. Energized is particularly crucial, as it grants players a 20% chance to replenish 3 ammo with each lightning strike. Another valuable upgrade to aim for is Double Shot, which amplifies damage output. While not mandatory, obtaining the Dragon upgrade can provide additional damage scaling and reduce reliance on lightning strikes for damage.

Dual SMGs 20 minutes till dawn



  • Character: Abby
  • First Grimoire: Tome of Summoning
  • Weapon: Batgun

Abby is the best character in 20 Minutes Till Dawn with a unique ability to empty an entire clip in one go makes her an ideal partner for the Batgun, or alternatively, the Grenade Launcher, although the latter might not pack as much punch. The Batgun unleashes projectiles that home in on enemies, essentially serving as guided ammunition. This translates to players dishing out relentless volleys of homing bullets. However, the drawback is that it restricts your ability to target specific foes, so keeping an eye on your positioning is crucial to avoid untimely defeats.

To maximize this build’s potential, prioritize acquiring the Dragon summon and the Aged Dragon perk as early as possible. This is most effective when obtained in the early stages of the game, as the damage scales over time. Since the bats fired from the Batgun function as both bullets and summons, their damage also scales accordingly. Additionally, aim to unlock Double Shot and Splinter, and work towards achieving the Gun Mastery synergy by investing in the Power Shot, Rapid Fire, and Armed and Ready perks. This comprehensive approach ensures a formidable combination of summoning power and weapon proficiency for Abby.

Batgun 20 minutes till dawn
Image Source: 20 Minutes Till Dawn – Batgun Abby


Utilize the Best Builds in 20 Minutes Till Dawn

Unlock the true potential of the role-playing game 20 Minutes Till Dawn with our meticulously crafted builds. Whether you favor Scarlett’s fiery devastation, Aaron’s Bladestorm, or Abby’s Batgun mayhem, we’ve got you covered. Dive into the intense horde-slaying action, and conquer the game with our expert strategies. Don’t miss your chance to become an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Choose your character, select your weapons, and embark on a journey towards victory today!

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