What Are The Best Stickman Games To Play on PC Now?

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    Posted on March 25, 2021

    Many people usually view stickman games as a bit childish. They also think these games are boring and not that exciting to play. However, this is not really the case. Despite the characters being stick figures, you can actually enjoy playing these types of games.

    What’s great about them is that they cover a wide range of genres. There are stickman fighting games, shooting games, RPGs, and even sports games. This means you will have plenty of options to choose from when you decide to try playing stickman games. But with many options available, which are the best ones to try? This article will help you with that by listing the 10 best Stickman games you can play.

    Stickman Skate Battle

    The 10th best on this list is a sports stickman game entitled Stickman Skate Battle. As the name states, it’s a skateboarding game. But the best thing about this is that it’s a multiplayer PvP game. You will challenge other players into a 1-on-1 trick battle, with the goal of trying to defeat him to get his coins. You score based on the tricks that you perform and the one with the highest score at the end wins.

    Stickman and Gun

    Another good stickman game would be Stickman and Gun. It’s an action shooting game that also has a bit of tower defense in it. In this game, you will be placed in the center of a location armed with a gun. Your goal is to survive the wave of enemies coming from your left and right. You earn coins for every kill, which you can use to purchase more powerful guns to use.

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    Stickman Basketball

    If you prefer stickman sports games, then you should try Stickman Basketball. It’s a fun, entertaining, and fast-paced 5-vs-5 basketball game. It comes with all the necessary actions and gameplay you would expect from a typical basketball game. It even has an awesome atmosphere, especially if you happen to play on your team’s home court.

    Stickman Warriors

    For a unique fighting game, Stickman Warriors is the game to play. It’s a beat ‘em up game where your goal is to eliminate all enemies in each level. But what’s unique here is that this game makes use of realistic ragdoll physics. This means that your actions will be based on your character’s movement. It might seem challenging at first, but once you get the hang of how to properly move your ragdoll stickman, then the game becomes fun and addictive.

    Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior

    If you prefer a more action-packed fighting game, then try Stick Fight: Shadow Warrior. It’s an endless fighting game where you will be attacked by countless enemies from your left and right. The goal is to fight them all off for as long as possible. There will be missions that you have to complete. So, make sure you achieve them as you fight off the wave of enemies coming to kill you.

    anger of stick 5 machinegun


    Anger of Stick 5

    Another fighting stickman game that you can play is Anger of Stick 5. In this side-scrolling action game, you play the role of a hero who’s trying to save innocent people that were kidnapped and imprisoned. Mysterious people are experimenting on the innocent, with some even turning into zombies. You can use various weapons, including a robot suit, to help you in your quest. You can even transform into the hulk to deal with more powerful enemies.

    Stickman Rope Hero

    If you like GTA-style games where you can ride cars, go on missions, fight enemies, or just explore, then you will love Stickman Rope Hero. It’s an action simulation game where you can perform various missions, as well as fight bad guys, steal cars, and do other random things. The game is set in a big city which you can also explore. You can equip various weapons or use your rope to reach tall buildings without using an elevator.

    Stickman Sword Fighting

    If you’re into sword action, then Stickman Sword Fighting is a good game to play. It’s a 3D action fighting game where you can fight and kill various enemies across 4 stages of stick history. You need to make a name as one of the greatest swordsmen in history. There are many different levels to complete and you just need to achieve the required objective in each level to progress further.

    Stick Fight

    This is one of the best stickman games you can play, especially if you like action-packed fight games. It’s an endless battle fighting game where you will be fighting countless enemies that are arriving from both the left and right sides. You need to survive and kill as many enemies as possible. You can choose to fight with your fist, or use various weapons at your disposal.

    league of stickman battlefield


    League of Stickman

    The best stickman game that you can play right now is League of Stickman. It’s a cross-style shadow action fighting game where you have to defeat evil enemies and take down powerful bosses. But unlike most fighting games on the list, this game has a storyline. You also get to use different characters, each having unique skills and abilities. It’s a very good game that combines action, fighting, and a great story.

    You can see from the list that stickman games are not boring, childish, or bad. They’re actually great games that you definitely won’t regret playing. The list above contains the best stickman games that you can play right now. Make sure to try them all out!

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