20 Best Board Games – Check Out the All-Time Favorites

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Posted on February 11, 2022

Board games have come a long way since their inception. With the rise of technology, board games have now transitioned to digital platforms, allowing players to enjoy their favorite games from the comfort of their own homes. Whether you’re a fan of strategy board games or prefer cooperative games, there’s a digital version of your favorite board game available on the PC.

In addition to fostering bonds among family and friends, board games can also improve your tactical and logical thinking skills. When playing board games, we also maximize the function of the brain, which increases memory formation, which is advantageous for kids and adults as well.

Annually, numerous game developers release a diverse range of board games, leaving you with a plethora of options to choose from. However, the challenge lies in determining the best ones. To assist you in your search, we have curated a list of the top board games that can be played on PC. We hope that this list will help you find your next favorite game.

20 Best Board Games Playable Online

Here is the list of free board games you should not miss playing online.


1. Really Bad Chess

Landing on the first spot on our list is Noodlecake Studios’ Really Bad Chess. If you are looking for an exciting version of the traditional chess game, you’ve got the right place here. You will play like a typical chess game in this game, but with a twist.


really bad chess download PC free


What makes this game different from the original game is that each player gets one king and another fifteen pieces, which are erratically chosen depending on your skill level. But, the goals and moves remain the same. If you are new to this game, you can try the free-play mode before getting into the actual game.


2. Dominos Game – Best Dominoes

Are you familiar with the classic Dominos game? Well, there’s no need to find the nostalgic dotted pieces as you can play it on your PC with Dominos Game – Best Dominoes. If you are looking for a game to kill time or just want to relax for a while, this game is perfect for you.

Like other board games, your goal is to win, and to do that; you need to earn high scores. Keep in mind that your score depends on how you control your dominos. What is more exciting about this game is that it offers four versions to play.


dominos game download PC free


3. Backgammon Free – Lord of the Board

Do you know how to play the classic Backgammon game? Luckily, you can now play that game right on your PC through Beach Bum’s Backgammon Free – Lord of the Board. The game shares the same mechanics as the original one. The only difference is that this game offers impressive graphics and gameplay, making players hooked for a couple of hours.

In Backgammon Free, your main objective is to be the first one to eliminate all pieces from the board. Here, you will be using various pieces such as nips, counters, or chips. The one who got the highest score will be declared the winner. What is more fantastic about this game is it enables players to chat while playing the game.


backgammon free lord of the board download full version


4. Snakes & Ladders King

Who among us doesn’t know how to play the iconic Snakes & Ladders? Well, it’s your lucky day because this nostalgic game is now playable on PC with Snakes & Ladders King. This mobirix’s creation was derived from the original game, but here, you can play against your friends online or through an AI player.

Your main goal in this game is to be the one who will reach 100 steps. The gameplay is easy to understand, and you just need to follow the numbers and avoid reaching numbers with snakes. This game can also be played offline for up to four players.


snakes ladders download full version


5. Checkers

Did you know that you can play your all-time favorite checkers online? Yes, you can play it through Checkers, developed by Lukasz Oktaba. Derived from the original game, this 8×8 board game will definitely test your tactical skills.

Checkers, features ten sets of rules, but you need to keep in mind that your ultimate goal is to get all the pieces of your opponent. Though there are many variations of rules, the game will still give your tutorials on how to play the game using that rule.


checkers download free


6. Shogi Free – Japanese Chess

Are you familiar with the Eastern version of the famous chess game? Now, there’s no need to find the ancient board game in your grandma’s treasure box, as you can play it directly with Shogi Free – Japanese Chess.

If you are an avid fan of playing board games, you should not miss playing this game. Shogi is a Japanese chess game, also known as the Game of Generals, to give you quick info about this game. In this game, you will play on a typical board with more than 81 squares, and you will be given 20 units. You can choose to play against a friend online or an AI opponent.



shogi free japanese chess for pc 1


7. Ultima Reversi

Adding to the long list of Best Board Games is Ultima Architect’s Ultima Reversi. You can play this game against a friend online or via an AI opponent like in other board games. Your main goal in this game is to own as many discs as you can before the round ends.

What is more amazing about this game is it depicts simple gameplay and offers exciting ten levels. You can make the game more engaging as you can select the size of the board and modify the rules. You can choose from 4×4, 5×5, and up to 10×10 boards. The bigger the board is, the longer you play against your opponent.


ultima reversi download PC


8. Mahjong Legend

Who among us doesn’t hear about the legendary Mahjong board game? Well, you can now play that well-known game online by Mahjong Legend. In this game, your main objective is to eliminate all tiles on the board by matching the tiles.

You need to remove the tiles by matching similar tiles to reach your goal. The more tile you remove, the more you get a chance to unblock tiles. If you are familiar with how to play the Mahjong solitaire game, you will surely get this game in control.


Mahjong Legends


9. Sea Battle 2

Another exciting board game comes your way! Play Sea Battle 2 now on your PC! This game was derived from the classic board game Battleship but with some new twists making the game more engaging.

Sea Battle 2 is a simulation game that will test your tactical skills. In this game, you need to earn brand-new units while progressing. You can get a chance to unlock new vanguard fleets, ships, and artilleries. So, do you have what it takes to be the king of the seas?



sea battle 2 gameplay on pc



10. Carrom 3D

Are you familiar with the classic Carrom game? Regardless of your answer, you will surely enjoy playing Zagmoid’s Carrom 3D. If you know how to play pools or billiards, you will surely notice how to play this game.

In Carrom 3D, you just need to focus on your goal, strike, and shoot the discs into the four pockets of the boards in any gestures. What is more exciting about this game is it stimulates physics, making the entire game more realistic.


carrom 3d download free



Adding to the best board games list is the 101 YÜZBIR OKEY PLUS of Zynga. This game was derived from the famous 106tile Turkish board game. You can either play against other players worldwide or through an AI opponent.

In this game, you will be set in 106 tiles, and the number will categorize these tiles from 1 to 13. These tiles will come in four colors, and there will be two special tiles, the jokers. To win in this game, you need to accumulate the least number of points.


101 yuzbir okey download free



12. Rento – Dice Board Game Online

If you are looking for a board game that your family will surely enjoy, then you must not miss having Rento – Dice Board Game Online of LAN GAMES. Your focal point is to build houses, win auctions, and trade lands in this game. If you are familiar with the game Monopoly, you will surely know how this game works.

In this game, you can only play with 2 to 6 players remotely if you want. If you are an aspirant businessman soon, you should consider playing Rento as your practicing platform. The game offers four various game modes, meaning there are a lot of means to enjoy the game!


Rento download full version


13. Game of Dice

If you are looking for an exciting dice game online, then you better not miss playing JOYCITY’s Game of Dice. It is another Monopoly’inspired game where your goal is to bankrupt your enemy by acquiring various properties and trying your best to develop them.

Once the dice roll and your opponent reach your property, they need to pay rent. So, it will be better to develop your property because the more your property is enhanced, the greater rent they need to pay. Also, don’t forget to collect some cards which can soon help you with your game.


game of dice pc download


14. Merged!

If you are looking for a board game that will test your gray matter, then let’s see what you’ve got when you play the game Merged! It is a brain-teasing match-three puzzle game where you are tasked to combine similar color domino blocks and matching numbers. In this game, your objective is to maintain the block clear from blocks.

Don’t take the game easy because you still need to find strategic solutions to every puzzle. The good news is the game doesn’t run with a timer, meaning you can think of your strategies even the whole day.


merged free pc download


15. Dice With Buddies

Do you think about a perfect game you can play with your friends at your get-together? Well, you might consider checking Dice With Buddies of Scopely. Players need to roll the dice in this game and hopefully get high combination points.

More awesome about this game is that it offers various game modes such as Full House, Large Straight, and more. But, if you are more like a competitive player, you can join various tournaments and get a chance to win exciting prizes.


dice with buddies for pc


16. Words With Friends 2

Let’s see who got the deepest vocabulary by playing Words With Friends 2. Zynga published this exciting game. If you are familiar with the popular word board game Scrabble, you will surely know how this game works.

It is a fun and exciting game that will make every player spend hours. There are various game modes to play; you can play QuickPlay, Match of the Day, and many more. It is a perfect board game that will test your vocabulary!


words with friends 2 pc download

17. Numberzilla – Number Puzzle | Board Game

Another board game that will test your intellectual ability is the Numberzilla – Number Puzzle | Board Game. It is a proud creation of LiftApp, where your mathematical skills, brainpower, and memory are your primary weapons.

In this game, you are free to choose from which game mode you wish to play; you can either play Classic, Survival, or Dynamic. If you find a particular puzzle difficult to surpass, don’t worry, there are boosters ready to rescue you.


numberzilla download full version


18. Yachty Free

If you are extremely fond of playing dice games, you better not miss the chance to play Yachty Free of Rubicon Development. It is a fun casual board game where your goal is to get the highest points possible.

If you are familiar with the classic Yahtzee Dice game, then you will surely know how this awesome game works. You will need to roll five dice and aim to get high combination points here. If you want to earn bonus points, try your best to score 63 points or higher.


yachty free surfers PC free


19. Ludo King

It’s time to find Ludo! Play Ludo King now on your PC! If you are familiar with the traditional board game Ludo, lucky you, because you can now play this exciting game online with an excellent easy user interface.

Aside from playing the original Ludo game, you can also play other fun board games like Snakes & Ladders. If you are looking for a fantastic game your family or friends can play together, you must not miss having it on your list.


ludo king online 2


20. Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles

Last but definitely not least, completing the list of best board games is Outfit7 Limited’s Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles. Admit it, you are an extreme fan of playing Jigsaw Puzzles. Well, there‘s no need to find numerous puzzles to solve as you can over 600 puzzles to solve in Jigty Jigsaw Puzzles.

What is more amazing about this game is that you can modify the number of puzzle pieces in each puzzle; you can choose from 4 to 625 puzzle pieces. This game is not only for adults; it can also be played by kids as well.


jigty jigsaw download PC


So, that sums up the list of best board games! Did you already found your favorite board game from this list? If yes, good for you! But, if you wish to expand your choices, feel free to explore our board games at Games.lol.


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