5 Free Kpop Games for Every Kpop Fan

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Posted on January 19, 2021

Kpop or Korean Pop has evolved from a country-exclusive music genre to a worldwide phenomenon. The rise of Hallyu (Korean Wave) in the 21st century served as one of the catalysts for the popularity of the genre. Today, Kpop is one of the most iconic music genres across the globe, amassing millions of followers and thousands of fans across various demographics.

Speaking of fans, you don’t need to be a Korean language expert to enjoy this popular genre. The beat or rhythm of most of the songs is enough to keep you moving, dancing, and jiving all day long. With that said, if you are one of the millions of fans or a part of the massive fan community who happens to like video games, then you are on the right page. Check out our five best free-to-play Kpop games made especially for KPop fans.

1. BTS Universe Story

BTS Universe Story is a free-to-play simulation game focused on the world-renowned Kpop band BTS. This game allows players to create or direct their own stories through the members of the BTS. Moreover, BTS Universe Story comes with a story creation tool and original stories based on the BTS Universe. Each story featured in the game is interactive or decision-based so that the player can participate or influence the outcome of each narrative. Furthermore, BTS Universe Story is perfect for those who want to experience everyday life in the world of BTS.


BTS World Kpop Games


2. BTS World

BTS World is a casual K-pop game from Netmarble Games, the creator of the iconic BTS Universe Story. Unlike the first game on our list, BTS World allows the player to jump into the success story of BTS. Thus, players can help with the group’s debut, text or chat with the members, collect exclusive cards, and explore an alternate story that features each member’s life if they did not join the band. Moreover, BTS World also comes with interactive elements seen in BTS Universe Story that allows the player to have casual conversations with each member.


bts world free pc download


3. Kpop Music Game – Dream tiles

The game features an impressive array of the latest BTS tracks, continuously refreshed to align with the dynamic landscape of K-pop. This guarantees a constant flow of new and exhilarating melodies for you to enjoy. Additionally, you have the option to curate your own playlist of preferred songs and customize the piano interface with vibrant tiles, adding a personal touch to the gaming experience.

Stay attuned to the rhythm and tap on the descending black tiles. Certain colorful tiles demand a tap and hold, introducing an added challenge. Maintaining focus is crucial, as a single missed tile could result in the end of the game.


kpop music game for pc


4. SuperStar SMTown

If you stan SM Entertainment artists, you can try SuperStar SMTown by Dalcomsoft Inc. This K-pop game plays just like SuperStar BTS. However, aside from focusing on a single band alone, the game features a wide selection of K-pop idols and groups under SMTOWN. Therefore, you get to enjoy K-pop songs from EXO, Red Velvet, Super Junior, and more. The best part of this game is that it contains a plethora of songs that the player can unlock over time. What better way to make use of those idle hands than playing an interactive game with your favorite K-pop song playing in the background?


SuperStar SMTown 1024x575


5. SuperStar JYPNATION

SuperStar JYPNation is another rhythm game that features songs from K-pop idols under JYP Entertainment. The game features over 48 songs and three difficulty levels: easy, medium, hard. Like SuperStar SMNation, this game also features exclusive in-game rewards featuring the various artists under JYP Entertainment, such as Twice, Stray Kids, GOT7, and more. Enjoy hours of fun and exciting free K-Pop gameplay straight from your PC by downloading this game.


superstar jypnation ladies inside car



The popularity and expansion of K-pop show no signs of slowing down based on the ever-growing number of fans across the globe. To that end, if you are part of the colossal K-pop community, make sure to check out these K-pop games here at Games.lol and download them on your PC for free. Enjoy and do not forget to share these fun games with your friends.



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