8 Tips To Help Beginners Properly Play MONOPOLY GO!

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Posted on March 11, 2024

Playing MONOPOLY GO! isn’t just about luck—it’s about strategy too. In this guide, we’ll explain how the game works and give tips for playing it better.

What’s the gameplay of MONOPOLY GO!?

MONOPOLY GO! is a new version of the classic board game, but with some changes. In the old game, players had to get rich to win by buying properties, building houses and hotels, and collecting rent. Some utilities earn players money. Plus, there were Community Chest and Chance cards that added fun surprises. In MONOPOLY, go! All these things are still there, but you don’t have to get rich to win.

monopoly go for pc
monopoly go for pc

In MONOPOLY, go! The aim is different. Instead of getting rich, you build landmarks. Each landmark can be upgraded six times. When you finish one, you move on to the next board. Money is still important because building and upgrading landmarks costs money. Players still need to plan their moves and upgrade properties, which is fun. Even though MONOPOLY GO! is different from the old game, it still has lots of things people like. The new twist makes it even more enjoyable to play.

MONOPOLY GO! Tips for Beginners

8 Things that beginners need to know

1. Strategize Your Property Acquisitions

monopoly go tips and tricks

In MONOPOLY, go! It’s really important to get property sets first. Completing sets of the same color helps you earn a lot more money. Try to do this early in the game. Also, think about where properties are on the board and how valuable they could be for making money.

2. Upgrade Your Trademarks Wisely

monopoly go tips and tricks

It’s important to use your resources wisely when upgrading landmarks in MONOPOLY GO! Think about how much more money each upgrade will bring in. Upgrade the most profitable landmarks first to stay ahead of others. This will help you make more money and do better in the game.

3. Utilize Chance Cards and Community Chests Effectively

monopoly go tips and tricks

In MONOPOLY, go! Chance cards and Community Chests can change the game. They give you chances to get ahead. Read the instructions carefully and use them smartly to help you win. Chance cards can make a big difference and help you do better in the game.

4. Manage Your Finances

monopoly go tips and tricks

Managing your money well is important in MONOPOLY GO! Don’t spend too much, and pay your debts on time to keep your finances stable. It’s important to balance what you earn and what you spend. Keep track of your money and make smart choices to make as much profit as possible.

5. Build a Strong Defense

monopoly go tips and tricks

In MONOPOLY, go! It’s super important to keep your properties safe. Get shields to protect them from other players. Managing your shields well helps you stay ahead and keep your properties secure.

6. Participate in Events and Tournaments

monopoly go tips and tricks

Events and tournaments in MONOPOLY GO! are great opportunities to win prizes and move forward in the game. Joining in makes the game more fun and helps you progress faster. Take part in these events to get special rewards, earn more money, and stay in the lead.

7. Form Alliances and Partnerships

monopoly go tips and tricks

In MONOPOLY, go! Teaming up with other players can give you a big advantage. Make friends and work together to get rewards from the community chest, share benefits, and do better in the game. Working together helps everyone reach their goals faster.

8. Stay Active and Engaged

monopoly go tips and tricks

In MONOPOLY, go! It’s important to log in often to get daily rewards, gifts, and bonuses. Being active helps you earn more money and stay competitive in the game.

8 Things that beginners need to avoid

  • Neglecting Property Upgrades: Don’t overlook the importance of landmark upgrades, as enhanced properties yield greater rewards. Allocate resources strategically to maximize your earnings potential and maintain your competitive edge.
  • Ignoring Shield Protection: Protecting your landmarks with shields is essential for maintaining your competitive position in MONOPOLY GO! Don’t neglect shield protection, as leaving your assets vulnerable to attacks can jeopardize your progress in the game.
  • Overspending Without Purpose: Avoid frivolous spending and prioritize investments that yield long-term benefits in MONOPOLY GO! Carefully manage your finances to avoid bankruptcy and maximize profitability.
  • Disregarding Chance Cards: Chance cards can have a significant impact on gameplay in MONOPOLY GO! Don’t underestimate their importance; ignoring chance card instructions can lead to missed opportunities or setbacks.
  • Isolating Yourself: Building alliances and partnerships with other players is crucial for success in MONOPOLY GO! Don’t isolate yourself from the gaming community, as collaborating with other players can provide valuable strategic advantages.
  • Missing out on Events: Time-limited events and tournaments offer valuable rewards and opportunities for advancement in MONOPOLY GO! Don’t miss out on these events, as active participation is essential for staying competitive and maximizing your progress.
  • Mismanaging Dice Rolls: Dice rolls are a valuable resource in MONOPOLY  GO! so don’t squander them unnecessarily. Conserve your dice rolls for strategic maneuvers and critical moments to optimize your gameplay efficiency.
  • Hoarding Excessive Cash: Don’t hoard excessive cash without purpose in MONOPOLY GO! Invest strategically to expand your empire and maximize profitability, as smart financial management is key to success in the game.

Beginners can do well in MONOPOLY GO!

Mastering MONOPOLY GO! requires strategic thinking, smart decision-making, and active engagement. These important MONOPOLY GO!  Tips and tricks can help beginners play effectively and achieve success in the game. With practice and perseverance, players can build thriving empires and dominate MONOPOLY GO!

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