8 Games Similar to Monopoly Go to Ignite Your Competitive Spirit

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Posted on January 18, 2024

Monopoly, a beloved board game, has been a staple in many households for generations. With its strategic property trading and wealth accumulation, it has taught us negotiation skills, financial strategies, and the harsh reality of landing on an opponent’s hotel-studded property. Over the years, Monopoly has evolved, embracing the digital age and transforming into various video games, one of which stands out due to its engaging playstyle: Monopoly GO!.

Century Games infused the fundamentals of classic Monopoly with contemporary gaming features to create Monopoly GO. Players still roll dice, buy properties, and aim to become real estate tycoons. However, with power-ups, mini-games, and online multiplayer capabilities, Monopoly GO offers a fresh and exciting take on the classic game.

If you enjoy Monopoly GO’s blend of strategy and fun, here are eight more games that might pique your interest:

1. Catan Universe

This online adaptation of the classic board game Settlers of Catan, Catan Universe, is developed by United Soft Media. Just like Monopoly GO, players aim to build a thriving settlement, but instead of amassing properties, they gather and trade resources such as wood, brick, wheat, ore, and sheep. Players can strategically place their settlements and cities on a hexagonal grid, aiming to gain dominance over their rivals.

The game also includes various expansions and game modes, including the Seafarers and Cities & Knights expansions, which introduce new elements such as pirates, commodities, and improvement cards. This rich and diverse gaming experience offers an exciting mix of strategy, negotiation, and luck.
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2. Wizard of Oz Slots Games

Developed by Zynga, Wizard of Oz Slots Games brings the magic of the Wizard of Oz to life with slot machine gameplay. While it diverges from the property trading of Monopoly GO, it offers the same thrill of chance and anticipation.

Players can spin to win in themed slots featuring familiar characters like Dorothy, Scarecrow, Tin Man, and the Cowardly Lion, all while experiencing iconic moments from the film. The game also features mini-games, bonus rounds, and daily events, providing plenty of opportunities for big wins.
wizard of oz slots free pc download


3. Game of Thrones Slots Casino

Another creation from Zynga, Game of Thrones Slots Casino invites players to Westeros for a slot machine experience in the world of the hit TV show. The game offers a variety of slot machines themed after different houses from the series, each with unique bonuses and mini-games.

In addition to spinning slots, players can also collect cards of characters from the series, build their own virtual fortune, and even forge or break alliances, creating a gameplay experience that is both engaging and true to the spirit of Game of Thrones.
game of thrones for pc


4. Board Kings

Brought to you by Jelly Button Games, Board Kings combines elements of board games and social networking. Players roll the dice to move around their own board, building and upgrading their city as they go. But there’s a twist: players can also visit and vandalize their friends’ boards, introducing an element of competition and strategy. The game features a variety of themes and special events, making each round of play unique and engaging.
board kings move forward two times


5. Monopoly Slots

This unique blend of Monopoly and slot machine gameplay was developed by Scientific Games Interactive. Players spin slots to earn coins, then use those coins to build their own Monopoly City. With each spin, players have a chance to win massive jackpots, unlock new slots, and progress through the game. Monopoly Slots also features quests and daily tasks, providing additional opportunities to win big and expand your city.
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6. Monopoly Solitaire

Developed by Mechanist Internet Technologies Co., Ltd., Monopoly Solitaire combines the strategy of classic Solitaire with the property development of Monopoly. As players complete solitaire games, they earn property cards, which they can then use to build and upgrade their Monopoly City. The game also includes daily challenges, offers extra rewards and adds a layer of strategy to the gameplay.
monopoly solitaire gameplay on pc


7. Rento – Dice Board Game Online

Rento, developed by LAN GAMES LTD, is a multiplayer game that closely mirrors Monopoly in its gameplay. Players roll the dice to move around the board, buying properties and collecting rent from opponents. The game also introduces auctions, where players can bid on unowned properties. With its focus on trading lands, building houses, winning auctions, and dominating the market, Rento captures the essence of Monopoly GO’s gameplay.
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8. Dice Dreams™️

Bobble’s Dice Dreams invites players to a magical kingdom where they roll the dice to move around the board and build their dream castle. Along the way, players can collect coins, attack friends’ kingdoms, or steal their coins. The game also features a variety of adventures and battles, keeping the gameplay exciting and unpredictable. With its elements of chance, building, and competition, Dice Dreams shares many similarities with Monopoly GO.
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Reimagining Monopoly with a Modern Touch

The essence of the classic Monopoly game has been beautifully captured and reimagined in these unique online games. Each one brings to life the joy of strategic planning, competitive trading, and random surprise elements that have made Monopoly an enduring favorite for generations.

For those who’ve enjoyed the thrill of Monopoly GO! and are seeking similar experiences, or for traditional Monopoly enthusiasts who are curious about new iterations of their beloved game, these eight games serve as fantastic options. They successfully blend the familiar with the novel, providing a platform where you can relive the excitement of the traditional Monopoly game while also enjoying the unique challenges and features of modern digital games.

So, roll the dice and embark on these digital adventures. Rediscover your passion for Monopoly, redefined for the digital age.


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