Block Mortal Survival Battle Review – Is It a Fun Arcade Game?

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Posted on April 4, 2021

It’s always fun and nostalgic to play arcade games since they make you reminisce about the video games that you often played in arcade shops. Fortunately, there are many arcade games that you can download and play right now at the comfort of your PC. One such game is Block Mortal Survival Battle.

Block Mortal Survival Battle is an action arcade game published by Aeria Canada. In this game, you play the role of a fighter who is traversing a land of war. Moreover, you will face dozens of different foes who become more powerful as you progress further. Ultimately, it’s an action-packed game where fast hands and reflexes are needed to succeed. But is this game really fun to play? Is it worth downloading and playing? Let’s answer all these questions in this review of Block Mortal Survival.

The Gameplay of Block Mortal Survival Battle

Block Mortal Survival Battle is a side-scrolling arcade fighting game. In this game, your main objective is to defeat all the enemies you will come across on the level. The controls are relatively easy to learn, as the left side of the screen is where you will see the directional controls. You can move up, down, left, and right. Meanwhile, the right side is where you will find the punch, kick, jump, and guard buttons.

Block Mortal Survival Battle Menu

When you play, you will immediately be thrust into battle, facing off enemies that are coming at you. You just have to defeat and survive the enemies as you progress forward in the level. Moreover, you will have access to various weapons as you walk. Most of them are placed inside boxes or drums. You just have to kick or punch these things to break them and pick up the weapon that’s dropped. To pick up, press the punch button and use the weapon.

You can use the weapons for a limited period as they will eventually be dropped and disappear. Thrown weapons can only be used once. Aside from weapons, your punches also have a combo. Just press punch three times, and his third attack will knock out enemies. You can also kick two times and then punch to do the knockdown punch. At the end of the level is usually a battle against bosses, who are just a bit more powerful than the regular enemies.

Ultimately, the game has simple gameplay but can also be challenging. You have to be quick at attacking to prevent your enemy from making a move. If you’re slow, you can be overwhelmed. The gameplay is what makes Block Mortal Survival Battle a fun game to play. Even if it uses block graphics, the gameplay is enough to make you want to play it.

What’s Great About Block Mortal Survival Battle?

There are several positive things to point out in this arcade game. Let’s discuss in this section what’s great about the Block Mortal Survival Battle.

Block Mortal Survival Battle Match


Fun & Exciting Gameplay

As already mentioned earlier, the gameplay of this fighting arcade game is very fun. The controls and objectives are simple enough to learn and understand, which makes playing it easy. But that doesn’t mean you will also have an easy time progressing. The game offers a bit of a challenge, which is why it is also very exciting to play.

You’re always going to be on the lookout for a weapon to use to help you battle numerous enemies at once. You will also always be on the lookout for health to replenish what you’ve already lost.

Numerous Characters to Unlock & Use

Another great thing about this game is that there are many different characters for you to unlock and use. What’s interesting about these characters is that they not only have different appearances but also different stats. Your starting character, Rogue Cube, is a balanced character whose stats are balanced across the board.

Some characters possess more power, more speed, or more jump. One character has even high stats across the board, making him the most powerful character you can use in the game. You just have to acquire them using the coins you earn for defeating enemies and completing the level.

What’s Bad About Block Mortal Survival Battle

Of course, not everything is great about the Block Mortal Survival Battle. There are also things that this game can improve soon. Let’s discuss some of the drawbacks of this game.

Block Mortal Survival Battle Shop


It’s Hard to Earn Coins

Probably one of the biggest issues with this game is the difficulty of earning coins. There are only two ways to earn coins in this game: by watching ads and by playing the game. But that won’t earn you a lot of coins. This means that you will have to play this game for quite a while before you can earn enough to purchase a new character. Getting characters is quite expensive, so expect to play a lot first before you can get the cheapest character available.

It Uses Block Graphics

Though not everyone will have issues with the game’s block graphics, many people don’t like it. That is why the graphics are considered a drawback since it diminishes the overall gaming experience. It probably would have been better if the developers used 2D graphics since it would have made the game more enticing to play. After all, action-packed gameplay would have been more appreciated with better graphics.


Looking at Block Mortal Survival Battle’s gameplay, we give it a grade of 4.2 out of 5. Despite the difficulty in earning coins and the block graphics, this game is still worth downloading and playing. The overall gameplay and features it offers are more than enough to offset whatever drawbacks you see in this game.

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