Destiny Child Reroll Guide – Things To Know in The Game

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Posted on January 18, 2022

Last 2016, SHIFTUP released an action card role-playing game called Destiny Child. If you are an avid fan of anime and at the same time enjoy playing games, then this game is right for you. Here, your main goal is to collect characters known as the “Childs .” These characters are in the cards, and you need to battle them in simultaneous combat.

A Quick Overview about Destiny Child

In this awesome RPG, you will take the role of a low-grade demon, and you need to come up with a powerful army of souls, lead them to beat opponents successfully and arduous bosses.

Like the typical gacha RPGs, you will get the characters through a summoning system and, of course, by playing with the game’s story. Generally, Destiny Child is a game where you need to collect cards and dominate battles. Plus, with the excellent storyline, and the graphics, you will surely be hooked on these details.

Understanding Rerolling in Destiny Child

When talking about rerolling, it refers to a repeating process of a particular procedure to get various benefits. If you do it in the standard way, it will take approximately weeks or even months.

In the world of gacha games, rerolling is the process where players reset their process to avail the free summonings, which are typically granted to players right after the tutorial. In other games, these free summonings allow players to get a random rare and powerful character even in the early game, which enhances the power of the player’s team.

Like other gacha games, one of the challenging tasks of the players is to deal with main story fights and side missions. Meaning various obstacles arise from combat. With that said, it is a wise decision to get the most powerful characters to advance quickly and successfully.

In that case, this is why you need to reroll. Through rerolling, you can build an effective team with powerful units even in the early game stage, instead of using them on the later game. So, if you want to advance your game in Destiny Child, you need to reroll.

How to Reroll in Destiny Child?

The rerolling process varies depending on the game; most of the time, rerolling consists of uninstalling and reinstalling the game app, which allows the player to resets its progress and enable the player to progress up to the free summoning stage.

On the other hand, some games require players to do the complicated procedure of rerolling, such as deleting files in the game folders, unlinking the game to social media accounts, and other unmanageable steps.


Rerolling Destiny Child


But, in this RPG, rerolling will be easy as we develop a Destiny Child Reroll Guide which will help you improve your gameplay. To reroll in Destiny Child, you need to reset your progress by accessing your in-game settings.

After clicking the settings, you need to head on the support tab, where you can find the “delete account” option. Once you click that button, your game will be unlinked to various accounts like Facebook, Google Play, or LINE. Also, it allows you to reset the whole progress, which enables you to start from the very beginning.

Once you are done with that, you can start the game. Play the tutorial until you are set to the free summoning’s and reroll until you get the character you wish to have. If you are not pleased with the outcome of the generated character, all you have to do is repeat the process and try your luck again.

The rerolling process usually takes about 30 to 1 hour, and there is a big chance that you will receive a 5-star character. Still, if you are rooting for a specific character, you might need to do it multiple times until you get that particular character. Players do reroll to get high-ranking characters and increase their combat performance and advance quickly in-game effectively.

What Characters Must You Reroll For?

AS mentioned repeatedly in this guide, you reroll to get fantastic characters, so what characters must you aim for then? Generally, Destiny Child offers hundreds of heroes waiting for you to unlock, but which are the best and worth rerolling for? Here are the heroes you must consider rerolling; they are classified according to their role.


Under this role, you need to opt for Eve and Abaddon. Eve is a powerful water-type character that focuses on knocking down weaker units. You will undoubtedly hit two opponents with the lowest HP with her outstanding raindrop skills. Adding her poison debuff, there will be loads of damage to deal with.


Character Guides


Another attacker you need to reroll for is Abaddon. He is a wood-type unit that is remarkable in terms of single-target DPS and his leech life ability against his enemies and heals himself.


As for this role, you need to aim for A. I and Mars. A.I. has an explicit ability to reinforce her defense while giving potent damage against her enemies. On the other hand, Mars is a water-type defender with an incredible ability to heal herself even the enemy attacks. She can also damage three enemies at once and provide excellent debuff to her teammates for 15 seconds.


It is worth rerolling for Lost Maat and Rusalka whenever talking about healers. Lost Maat is a great healer that can decontaminate, freeze and petrify while healing her teammates.


Destinys Child


She also can bring back a dead teammate, which is her ultimate skill. Another healer you need to reroll is Rusalka. This healer is unique because it can make two teammates immortal for 10 seconds.


Jupiter and Nirrti are the best characters you must opt for under debuffers role. Jupiter is a fire -type of character that concentrates on imposing bleed effects against enemies. On the other hand, Nirrti is a debuffer that can destroy enemies by minimizing their drive gauges.


As for this role, you need to reroll for Sunny Chang’e and Epona. Sunny is a water-type unit that can help you by expediting their cooldowns. It also works by fastening the rate of charging up the skills in the Drive Gauge. At the same time, Epona is an all-around supporter who can heighten up her teammates’ stats. She can also set a protective barrier to shield them.

These are just a few of the best characters you must opt to reroll for. There are a lot of characters out there that waiting for you to reroll that can be beneficial to your gameplay. So are you ready to reroll in Destiny Child? Share here what character you’ve got! For more information and updates about this role-playing game, stay tuned here.

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