Evolution Guide for the Pets in My Tamagotchi Forever

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Posted on June 21, 2018

Loving the pets in the newly released game, My Tamagotchi Forever, but seem to be getting the same pets over and over again? Want to unlock new pets but do not know how? Well, look no more, Games.lol is bringing you the complete Evolution Guide for all the pets in My Tamagotchi Forever!


Unlike the original Tamagotchi game, the pet evolution of this app-based game does not depend on how well you take care of your pet, but how well you feed your pet and what food you fed your pet with. There are 4 life stages of a typical Tamagotchi. After hatching from the egg, they enter the Baby stage. They then evolve into Toddlers after 4 hours of game time, and to Teens after 36 hours of Toddler-hood life. Lastly, they evolve from Teens to Adults after 3 days. They do not die after being an Adult for some time. Adult Tamagotchis get a job and develop their career thereafter.


Click here to understand more about the various careers that your Tamagotchi can embark into or download My Tamagotchi Forever on your PC to try it out yourself!


My Tamagotchi Forever Evolution Table

Pic 1: Evolution Table of My Tamagotchi Forever 


When you first launch the game, you will be welcomed by the adult pet, Mametchi, which is the default pet in My Tamagotchi Forever. After you have completed your tutorial, you will be given your very first Tamagotchi egg.


Baby Stage

There are only 2 types of Tamagotchi in the Baby Stage, Futabatchi and Omututchi. Hence, the chance of getting either of them would be 50-50. We hatched the cute Futabatchi for our first egg! See how cute and chubby the cheeks are?


My Tamagotchi Forever Pet Baby Futabatchi

Pic 2: My Tamagotchi Forever – Futabatchi (Baby Stage)


Fun Fact: The name of Futabatchi comes from the Japanese word “futaba”, which means bud or sprout. Rightly so, as this Tamagotchi pet has a little sprout coming out of his head!


Alternatively, your Baby pet could be Omututchi, which looks like a little diaper with pink rosy cheeks.


Toddler Stage

There are also 2 variations of pets in the Toddler stage, namely Hoshitchi and Meganetchi. Hoshitchi resembles a shooting star, with a dark blue body, and yellow star-shaped eyes. It’s a cute pet to add to your collection! Feed your Baby pet with Fruits or Snacks to get Hoshitchi upon evolution. Alternatively, if you do not feed your Baby Tamagotchi at all in the 2-hour baby journey, it also evolves into Hoshitchi!


My Tamagotchi Forever Pet Toddler Hoshitchi

Pic 3: My Tamagotchi Forever – Hoshitchi (Toddler Stage)


The other Toddler pet, Meganetchi, can be obtained by feeding Baby Tamagotchi with solely vegetables. Meganetchi wears big square spectacles that covers almost his whole body!


Teen Stage

Often Teen is the rebellious stage where teens are cranky and demanding. They get tired easily as well so be sure to put them to bed so they are recharged frequently. They take a long time to evolve into their Adult stages too (which resembles how teens refuse to grow up and take on adult roles).


There are 4 variations of Tamagotchis in the Teen stage. Nikatchi is obtained by feeding the Toddler mostly fruits. Hinatchi loves his greens, so don’t hesitate to feed your Toddler loads of vegetables to evolve to Hinatchi. As his name “Hina” suggests in Japanese, Hinatchi resembles a bird / chick with grey feathers and a yellow beak and blue round eyes. The third possibility of Teen Tamagotchi that you can obtain is Soyofuwatchi, which looks like a floating cute ghost wearing a purple outfit. Soyofuwatchi can be obtained by feeding your Toddler meat. Last but not least, the cute fluffy sheep-like pet, Mokokotchi, can be obtained by feeding your Toddler with loads of snacks such as cookies and chocolates.


My Tamagotchi Forever Pet Teen Nikatchi

Pic 4: My Tamagotchi Forever – Nikatchi (Teen Stage)


Adult Stage

Finally, we are at the last stage of your pet’s growth path. And there are 8 variations in which your Teen Tamagotchi can evolve into! It may seem overwhelming to finish collecting all the 8 variations, but trust me, it’s all worth the effort once you see your Evolution Table filled with all the unlocked pets.


My Tamagotchi Forever Pet Adult Mametchi

Pic 5: My Tamagotchi Forever – Mametchi (Adult Stage)


First up will be the default pet, Mametchi. You do not need to specially evolve your Teen pet to this again since it has already been unlocked. But for those who want to challenge themselves and get Mametchi, you can feed your Teen pet meat and seafood.


Next, the mischievous-looking Kuromametchi loves fruits such as bananas, oranges, and apples. Kuchipatchi loves sweet treats such as chocolates, cake, cookies, and candy. His green body with thick lips is the iconic appearance of Kuchipatchi. Gozarutchi is a secret character as indicated by a question mark on the Evolution Table on the top of this article. Dressed in a ninja outfit, this mysterious character is a tough nut to crack. Besides feeding the Teen with seafood and vegetables, there seem to be other requirements to obtain Gozarutchi.


On the first look, Lovelitchi resembles the Teen pet, Mokokotchi, since both of them are white and fluffy. If you look closer, Lovelitchi has a rabbit-like face whereas Mokokotchi has a sheep-like face.  Lovelitchi loves sweet treats as well so don’t get the 2 confused! Memetchi is a cute orange pet with big sparkly eyes that seem to shine at you every time you look at her. You just cannot help but treat her well! Feed your Teen pet more snacks to get him to evolve into Memetchi.


Chamametchi resembles a cute little girl wearing a pink dress and a cat-eared beanie. Obtain her by feeding your Teen fruits and vegetables. Last by not least, you cannot miss out the yellow dinosaur-like Tamagotchi, Sebiretchi. Though she’s friendly in nature, be careful not to upset her as she breathes fire when angry. She loves fruits, so remember to feed your Teen only fruits to obtain Sebiretchi in the Adult evolution!


About the Game

My Tamagotchi Forever is a game developed by Bandai to target the market of the new generation of users. Using the basis of the original Tamagotchi game from the hand-held device, the app-based game incorporates the modern game elements with cute animations and realistic sound effects to give players a new level of Tamagotchi experience. Join the millions of Tamagotchi lovers in this adventure to collect all the Tamagotchi pets! Download My Tamagotchi Forever on PC now.


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