Granny Guide – Tips To Escape Granny’s House

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Posted on October 7, 2021

If you’re looking for a fun horror escape game, then you should look no further than the arcade game Granny. Published by DVloper, it’s a horror game where your main objective is to escape from Granny’s house. Of course, this is easier said than done since the house will be full of locked doors and windows. Many of these locks don’t just require a key to open, so you’ll have to explore the house to find clues to open them.

Of course, there’s also Granny, who has very sensitive hearing. She will instantly run towards the area where she heard a noise. And if she catches you, she’ll knock you out with a baseball bat. To further add pressure, you’ll have five days to find the exit, and each time Granny knocks you out, that’s already a day wasted. It’s a fun and exciting game, but you can see that it’s also a bit difficult to play.

If you’re having a difficult time escaping Granny’s house, then don’t worry. This blog post will be a Granny guide and provide tips and information on how you’re going to escape Granny’s house.

Things to Remember in Granny

Before we go to the tips, we’ll first discuss some basic and essential information about Granny. As mentioned earlier, Granny has super-sensitive hearing. She can hear any noise around the house, so you have to be careful when walking around. You also have to be careful when dropping items since this also makes noise. In case you do make noise, leave that area immediately.

Image Source: 10 Scary Moments in Granny by Again Double

This information, though, can also be used to your advantage. If you need Granny out of a room, make a noise in a certain area. For example, throw an item to another room so she’ll go there, and you can enter the room she’s in. It’s also important to remember that you can’t hold two items at the same time. If you pick up an item, you’ll need to drop it first before you can pick up another item. This adds to the game’s difficulty since you’ll likely be going back and forth in certain rooms to pick up items.

When dropping items, make sure you’re doing it in a location where it won’t make noise. It’s also worth noting that Granny’s house doesn’t have just one exit. There are many different exits available in the game, so don’t focus on just one exit. Let’s now discuss some tips to help you escape from Granny’s house.

Tips to Escaping Granny’s House

Escaping from Granny’s House is a bit difficult, mainly because you’ll be exploring a lot in the game. You’ll be looking for keys or items that can help you unlock a door or window or progress further. But in this section, we’ll provide tips to help you escape from the scary house.

You Can Knock Out Granny

You can’t kill Granny, but you can knock her out. There are various weapons in the game that you can use to knock Granny out. The weapons are the Shotgun and Crossbow. The crossbow is located at the weapons cabinet on the top floor, along with the tranquilizer dart. You can’t pick up the darts unless you are holding the crossbow. If you drop the crossbow, you will also drop the darts loaded. You will need the weapon key to access the secret area.

The shotgun is a bit tricky to acquire since you’ll get them in 3 disassembled parts. After finding all three parts, you have to put them on the Blueprint at the garage. You will also need shotgun shells, which are located in various areas of the house. When you knock Granny out, make sure to stay away from the Basement, Bedroom 2, Living Room, or Secret Area Middle Floor. These are the areas she respawns.

Crossbow Grannys
Image Source: How to get the crossbow and kill Granny by TYG GT


Begin Exploring at the Upper Floor First

When the game starts, you should explore the upper floor first before going downstairs. You will find many useful items on the upper floor, so make sure you explore them thoroughly. You can drop items downstairs, near the main door, to prevent Granny from going up. It’s also worth noting to close all the doors behind you unless it’s stated not to. This can slow Granny down a bit, allowing you time to escape she’s chasing you.

The Secret Tunnel Trick

To allow you to explore the ground floor without the risk of Granny seeing you, then do the secret tunnel trick. Go to the secret area on the bottom floor and make noise there. Once you see Granny come, crawl through the other side. This will provide you with enough time to explore the ground floor freely while Granny is searching the secret area.

The Shed Trick

Another great trick to buying you enough time to explore the house is the shed trick. While in the backyard, make noise in the shed and then hide in the chest. Once Granny is inside, they run up to the window and jumps back inside. This is an effective way to get more free time to explore since you know Granny is in the backyard.

Final Words

There are many more tips and tricks on how to beat Granny. But the ones provided in this blog post will help you greatly beat the game and escape Granny’s house.

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