Granny: Effective Guide to Help You Escape the House

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Posted on December 22, 2020

Granny is a go-to game for fans of macabre, fear-tastic, thrilling, and exciting horror games. If you love a classic scary game, complete with jump scares and whatnot, this game will give you the time of day. It has a chilly and dark atmosphere, which turns on every player’s fight and flight instincts. It’s no wonder Granny has been one of the most intense and deeply immersive escape room games right now. Even its subtle yet frightful graphics and sound effects will keep you up at night. That’s why many new players have a hard time beating Granny.

If you want to know how to escape Granny’s grasp, it’s time for you to step up and read this guide. Remember, the objective is to escape the house unscathed. It can be tricky at first because Granny seems to hear and see everything that’s happening in her house. Once she hears you, she will attack you. You only have five days to escape her house, so it’s best you keep your eyes peeled and your mind active. Especially when it comes to looking for clues and objects to help you get out of her scary house right away!
Granny Tranquilizer


Items to Look Out For in Granny & How to Use Them

If you want to beat Granny, you will have to find a way to unbolt or unlock the front door and deactivate the alarm. To do this, you will need a variety of items to help you. Although you will need to do a series of steps to do this task. Moreover, it will take a long time even though it sounds simple. You will need some items such as:

  • Pliers – You will use this item thrice. First is by using it to cut the wires on the door alarm, circuit box, and cutting the fan’s wire.
  • Padlock Key – Used for the padlock on the front door.
  • Hammer – Use to break the wood barring on the front door.
  • Cogwheel – Use it for the machine on Granny’s Playhouse.
  • Winch Handle – Raise the bucket on the well in Granny’s yard.
  • Alarm Code – A yellow paper with a code used for the top lock of the door.
  • Melon – A key is hidden inside. Use a guillotine to open it.
  • Screwdriver – Used to unlock a secret compartment on the side of the set of stairs in Granny’s basement.
  • Safe Key – Unlock the safe in the basement.
  • Master Key – Unlock the main handle of the front door to escape.
  • Weapons Key – Unlock the weapons safe with a tranquilizer gun. Shoot Granny with the gun to put her to sleep for a while.
  • Playhouse Key – Unlocks the padlock on Granny’s Playhouse. There is a machine inside with a hidden compartment.
  • Car Key – Unlocks the trunk of the car in the garage area.


Granny Screwdriver

Remember that these items are found only in various parts of Granny’s house. There is no specific location for each of these items. Every time you start the game, the items’ location changes, which makes it difficult each time. You will only find the objects by searching under the bed or any piece of furniture. Also, don’t forget to open the cabinets and drawers. In addition, it might be inside the microwave, dressers, and many more.

Be Quick & Thorough With Your Search

If you are looking for an object, remember to search quickly yet thoroughly. Move quickly through the room and scan every possible object locations as fast as you can. It is because you will never know if Granny is right beside you, ready to hurt you with her bat. Moreover, you must do it as quietly as possible to avoid Granny from hearing you. Once she does, she will hunt you down and attack you. If she is near you, you can hide under the bed or behind any objects.
Granny Hiding

Additionally, if you leave an important object behind, you can always return for it because it will always stay there. If you drop it, it can cause noises, and Granny might hear it. There are times you need to drop the objects if you pick up another one. Just make sure to remember where you left or stored an item once you leave if you need it in the future.

You must take note that although these tips are proven and tested, they aren’t possible without practice. With a good amount of practice, you’ll surely be able to beat the game and escape Granny’s house. Use these items well and you’ll be good to go. Download and play Granny now! There are other horror games here that you should check out as well, make sure you give it a shot!

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