MLBB World Championship 2021 (M3) Latest Updates

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Posted on December 10, 2021

One of the anticipated tournaments for players of the popular MOBA game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (MLBB), is the M3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championships. The upcoming tournament is scheduled to begin on December 6, 2021, and will conclude on December 19, 2021. The tournament will have a total of 16 teams competing for what the organizers say as the highest prize pool for a Mobile Legends tournament.

With the tournament only a few days away, there are many more details coming out about the M3. Let’s discuss the details more in this blog post.

The M3 MLBB World Championship 2021 Details

The M3 tournament will begin on December 6 with the Group Stage. In this round, each team will battle against the teams in their group once. It will end on December 9. After the Group Stage, the next stage will be the Playoffs, which will begin on December 11 and end on the 18th. Who will participate in this stage will depend on the standings of the teams after the Group Stage.

The Finals for the M3 will be held on December 19, 2021. So, it’s basically a 2-week tournament where teams compete to win the highest cash prize so far for an MLBB tournament. The prize pool for the M3 is at $800,000. This was more than double the M2 prize pool which was at $300,000. The first-place winner will get $300,000 while the runner-up will get $120,000. The 3rd place will get $80,000 and the 4th place is at $55,000.

The great thing about the M3 is that the large prize pool will also provide cash prizes for other teams as consolation prizes. The 5th to 6th place teams will get $40,000, while the 7th to 8th place teams will get $30,000 each. Teams who finish 9th to 12th will get $15,000 and the 13th to 16th teams will get $10,000. All teams will be getting something, whether they win or not. Of course, it would be better to get to the championship because of the huge prize pool.

The M3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Tournament Venue

The M2 was originally set in Indonesia, but because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the tournament was moved to Singapore. For the M3, it will again be held in Singapore. The MLBB Managing Director of Esports, Lucas Mao, is excited to be having the tournament in Singapore again. He said that they worked closely with the Singapore Tourism Board and local authorities. They made sure to provide a “safe and hospitable event for all gamers. So, all players can expect a safe tournament where they can just focus on competing.

M3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship Teams

In terms of teams, the M3 returned to a 16-team format, which is 4 more than the 12 teams in M2. Another thing that MLBB fans can expect here is that there will be more regions included in this tournament compared to last year. There are still teams from the usual countries like Singapore, the Philippines, Indonesia, Cambodia, and Malaysia.

MLBB World Championship 2021 draw result
Image Source: M3 MLBB World Championship Official Website

There’s going to be another representative from Russia, as well as 2 teams from Brazil. Turkey will also have a representative and there’s a from the USA participating again. The new region joining will be a team from Latin America and a team from the Middle East. People can expect new teams, as well as probably new strategies and gameplay to be showcased in M3. Another thing that people can also expect is a new champion to be crowned.

The M2 winner, Brent Esports from the Philippines, didn’t participate in this tournament. Below is a complete list of teams participating in the M3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship:


  • Evos SG
  • RSG SG


  • RRQ Hoshi
  • Onic Esports


  • Blacklist International
  • Onic PH


  • Todak
  • Team SMG


  • SeeYouSoon


  • Keyd Stars
  • Red Canids

North America (USA)

  • BTK

CIS (Russia)

  • Natus Vincire

Latin America (Argentina)

  • Malvinas Gaming

Middle East

  • GX Squad

As for the Groupings, Group A will consist of Blacklist International, Red Canids, Malvinas Gaming, and BDL. Group B will have Onic Esports, Onic PH, Keyd Stars, and TDK. For Group C, there’s Evos SG, SeeYouSoon, BTK, and Natus Vincire. And finally, for Group D, there’s RRQ Hoshi, RSG, Team SMG, and GX Squad.

Final Thoughts

The M3 Mobile Legends: Bang Bang World Championship is shaping up to be an exciting and entertaining tournament. The new teams and regions will be a great addition to the M3 and will likely add a new element. This will provide fans and viewers something to look forward to when watching the tournament. The large prize pool will also motivate players to seriously compete, which will likely result in memorable and exciting matches. It’s going to be a must-watch tournament that both MLBB fans and casual fans will definitely enjoy.

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