Onmyoji Arena Characters – Eight Tier-S Shikigamis You Should Get

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Posted on September 22, 2022

The most distinctive aspect of each MOBA is its hero roster. Despite the fact that many of them share many of the same strategy gameplay principles, at least in terms of their primary objectives and goals primarily to eliminate the opposing team’s center building. Onmyoji Arena Characters can span to about 100 Shikigamis. Each of the six categories that make up this shikigami has its own distinct statistics, abilities, passives, and special qualities. If Onmyoji: Arena is new to you, it’s likely that you don’t truly know who the meta champions are or which heroes offer the most strength.

Understanding which Shikigami are excellent and which are subpar is understandably one of the most difficult aspects, at least for beginners, given the huge diversity. Aside from becoming familiar with the controls, the match’s flow, and the fundamentals of the game, getting to know the game’s wide cast of characters well is one of the keys to victory because it will help you plan appropriately to thwart the enemy’s advances. Additionally, by understanding how the various Shikigami interact with one another, you may choose the best characters to take out the enemy’s team.

With that in mind, today we are going to take a quick overview of the best Shikigami in the game, in other words, Tier S+. But before we jump into the list, let’s take a quick overview of what the Shikigami are.

What are Onmyoji Arena Characters – Shikigamis?

The Onmyouji enlist the aid of Shikigami, which are supernatural beings. They create agreements that are documented through a contract book. Players can get a shikigami’s contract book in its entirety or in pieces to make a deal with the shikigami. The records of summoned shikigami can be found there. Shikigami are called forth during combat using a device akin to a paper doll. Fun Fact: in Japanese folklore, Shikigami is a fictitious creature brought to life through a difficult summoning ritual. If the invoker is skilled and experienced, their Shiki can control people, animals, and even other spirits.

If the invoker is complacent, however, their shikigami may eventually spiral out of control. They develop their own will and consciousness, and even raid their own master’s home and kill them in retaliation. Typically, shikigami are summoned to carry out dangerous instructions for their masters, like espionage, stealing, and enemy tracking. The majority of the time, shikigami is supposed to be invisible, but by enclosing them in tiny, skillfully folded, and cut paper manikins, they become visible.

Tier S+ Onmyoji: Arena Shikigamis

Compared to our other character guides, this Onmyoji Arena Characters Guide will not contain backstories of the Shikigamis. It’s due to the game’s lack of information/details. Nevertheless, we will make sure to include all the relevant details pertaining to the characters.

Kani Hime

Kani Hime is one of the indisputable top lane champions in Onmyoji Arena. She’s a force in 1v1s and a great Shikigami for focusing on and taking out particular players, like the other team’s hard carry. the only flaw of this Shikigami is that she’s fairly challenging to handle efficiently and that she may be sported to some extent. This Shikigami is obtainable through Summon and Demon Parade. Her normal attack is called Left Claw Right Punch, which increases every level up capped at 63%.

Her passive skill is called Fully Energized where she braces herself and acquires Carapace. It lasts for 1 turn, at the end of her turn if she is not under the influence of any control effects. Similar to her normal skill, the Carapace gains or improves after each level up. Her special is called Conch Blow where Kani Hime lifts her Conch Hammer off of her back and smashes it twice against all foes, dealing 140% of her ATK in damage. She swings her hammer carelessly and too forcefully, knocking herself unconscious and causing a daze that should last for one turn.

Onmyoji Arena Kani Hime
Image Source: Onmyoji Arena Kani Hime



Enma is a Shikigami who mixes strong magical strikes and burst damage alongside mobility and self-buffs. She is one of the most potent Marksmen and hard carries available. She relies extensively on her skills, unlike most hard carriers, therefore the player must be trained to control her properly. Enma’s normal skill is called Demon mask which as the name suggests, allows her to summon a Demon Mask that inflicts the same amount of damage to her overall attack.

Her Passive skill called Soul Plunder takes effect whenever an enemy is eliminated. Once activated, she conjures a White Ghost to take their place. In its subsequent action, The White Phantom sacrifices itself in order to deal 100% of her Attack Points in damage to all foes. Souls or passives are not activated by this damage. Enma’s HP and ATK are passed on to the White Ghosts, who receive 10% of each. An enemy who is killed when a White Ghost is present cannot be revived.

Her Special is called Spirit Crush which has a 50% default chance to transform targets into Black Ghosts for one turn when used, and this effect lasts for the whole game. Her special allows her to summon dead spirits to crush one enemy, causing damage equivalent to 211% of her attack and having a 100% baseline chance to silence them for 2 turns. Players can obtain Enma through Summon, Demon Parade, Wanted Quests, and Dispatch.

Momo No Sei

There are many options for Support Shikigami in the game, but we’d have to pick Momo because she provides unmatched assistance, harassment capability, healing, and all the other qualities you’d expect from a warrior in this capacity. Even after they have died, she has the power to raise them from the dead, preserving them in the battle even after the adversary has concentrated on them. She also has a ton of abilities to stall the enemy and make them move during the lane phase.

A Player can obtain Momo through Summon, Demon Parade, Wanted Quests, and Dispatch. Her normal skill called Flower Dance allows her to attack one enemy by forming a flower out of a flurry of petals. It causes 100% of her attack’s damage. Momo has two special skills, the first is Healing Fragrance allows her to replenish an ally’s HP with 20% of her maximum HP. Additionally, 30% of the HP returned by the healing crit increases all other allies’ HP. Her second skill called Revival Blossom allows her to revive an ally with 20% of her max health.

Onmyoji Arena Momo No Sei
Image Source: Onmyoji Arena Momo No Sei


Hako no Shoujo

Obtainable through Demon Parade, Wanted Quests, Dispatch, and Summon, Hako is a Shikigami of light. Her normal skill is called Glittering Light which allows her to funnel a stream of light from her box to inflict damage on a single enemy. Hako’s Passive Skill is called Glittering Shield, which allows her to create a shield capable of absorbing damage equal to eight percent of her health while granting them a single buff.

Her Special Skill is called Retrace and allows her to utilize her box, which lasts for two turns, to maintain all her friends’ current HP. As long as they are retained, allies’ HP will be restored by 30% if it falls under 30% of the documented total. When an ally who’s preserved would otherwise be killed by harm triggers the recovery effect right away, shielding them from deadly damage.


Kainin is perhaps the finest jungler in the game, with a ton of movement skills and burst damage. She has two ways to approach her adversaries, which is very impressive. She also has an ultimate attack that pushes back all adversaries nearby and a first skill that slows down the enemy. Additionally, some of the game’s strongest burst damage ties everything together nicely. You can obtain this Shikigami through the Shrine. Her first Skill is called Shadow Strike which allows her to unleash a maximum of three layers of weakness.

If a target has three layers, all of them will be consumed. After that, she will attack all foes, dealing 120% of her ATK in damage. The souls or passives of the adversary are not activated by this damage. Shadow Withdraw, her Passive Skill, provides her with a ten percent chance of inflicting normal damage on her opponents for the second time. Her Special Skill called Shadow Stealth allows her to grant protection to her ally for one turn.

During this time, Kainin will perform a Sneak Assault on the assailant when they attack a friend with Stealth Protection for the first time, inflicting punishment equivalent to 100% of her ATK and healing the assailant with HP equal to that damage. Additionally, she possesses a one-turn Confuse effect that she can inflict on the victim with a 100% base chance.


Mushishi is a Shikigami obtainable through the Demon Parade and Summon. Her Normal Skill called Dance of Mushi allows her to make an appearance facing a particular target and unleashes an attack that does 100% of her Strength in damage. The Mark of Mushi is what her Passive Skill is called. Whenever Mushishi takes damage, if she is not immobilized, she has a 25% chance of becoming immune to that destruction and a 100% chance of infecting the aggressor with Mar of Mushi for two turns. It only activates for one specific strike.

Protection of Mushi is her Special Skill which when activated heals teammates by 12% of her maximum HP. It also removes one debuff or control affliction from up to three allies. The healing effect on allies who are subject to the dispelling effect is diminished by 30%.

Onmyoji Arena Mushishi
Image Source: Onmyoji Arena Mushishi



Acquired through Wanted Quests, Summons, and Demon Parade, Itsumade harnesses the power of the wind in her Normal Skill thus the name Dance of the Wind. When activated, a single target is going to be mauled by Itsumade. She, who deals harm equivalent to 60% of her power. For every coat of Golden Feather she has on herself, she deals with one follow-up attack. Additionally, one follow-up attack is delivered for every coating of Golden Feather that is applied to the victim. She has a total attack capacity of four follow-up attacks.

Her Passive Skill called Golden Feather allows her to acquire a maximum of three Golden feather layers at the beginning of her turn. Every opponent with Golden Feather suffers damage upon her death equivalent to 40% of her attack power for every layer attached to them, devouring all layers. Her Special Skill is Feather Dance, which allows her to soar into the air before diving into the enemy line-up to inflict damage. She deals 36% more damage to all foes for every layer of Golden Feather in her possession. It increases her overall damage output.

She deals additional damage to each adversary who possesses Golden Feather. She devours all layers while doing an additional 40% of her ATK in damage for each layer they possess.


The final Shikigami on our list is Kamimai, which is obtainable through the Demon Parade and Summons. If Itsumade is more on feathers and the wind, Kamimai is more on papers. It explains why the material is present in the name of all her skills. Her Normal Skill is Paper Swallow. Here, she inflicts 80 percent of her attack damage on her opponents using a paper fan. Her second skill is called Moon Papers. This skill provides her with a single layer of falling paper whenever the opponent utilizes a skill.

At the beginning of her turn, all control effects and debuffs unleashed unto her are removed. At the same time, while consuming an equivalent number of layers of Falling Paper. In Dancing Paper, her Special Skill, this Shikigami executes a spinning move. It unleashes a flying paper whirlwind unto her enemies. It will inflict them with a paper blade and damage equivalent to 108% of her overall attack.

Onmyoji Arena Kamimai
Image Source: Onmyoji Arena Kamimai


Having Powerful Onmyoji Arena Characters is just Half the Battle

Like most games, having powerful and overrated characters in Onmyoji: Arena will not make you invincible. They will increase your chances of winning but will not ensure your triumph. With that said, knowing or becoming one with your Shikigamis is important. It’s crucial if you want to dominate your opponent. If you know how to play a hero, stick with it. Also if you’re aware of how to overcome all of its flaws. One could get away with a lot in the lower tiers. And it’s regardless of whether the Shikigami is present in the meta.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter if you triumph with only a C-tier hero or fail with an S-tier one. What matters is that you know what you’re doing. But if you’re looking for more guides and news regarding this game, make sure to stay tuned here in Games.lol!

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