Best Epic Seven Characters – Updated Thief Tier List 2023

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Posted on July 17, 2022

Epic Seven, a captivating role-playing game developed by Smilegate Megaport, offers a diverse array of heroes across various classes. Among the warriors, mages, rangers, soul weavers, and knights, the elusive and powerful thieves take center stage in this tier list. In this blog post, we will delve into the Epic Seven characters tier list for thieves this 2023, showcasing the most formidable champions, their roles, and their place in the hierarchy of power.

Updated Epic Seven character Tier List for Thieves

In the ever-expanding world of Epic Seven, heroes continue to emerge, their abilities reshaping the landscape of battles. As the game evolves, so must our understanding of its characters. This updated tier list will serve as your compass, guiding you through the diverse selection of thieves, highlighting their strengths, and enabling you to assemble the most potent team possible.

The Most Powerful – S-Tier Heroes

The S-tier heroes in the Thief class are the epitome of power and versatility, making them the crown jewels of any team composition. Each hero in this tier possesses a unique set of skills and abilities that can easily turn the tide of battle in your favor. From the deadly Arbiter Vildred, who excels in dealing massive AoE damage, to the elusive Violet, capable of countering enemy attacks and evading damage, these champions are a force to be reckoned with.

Kise, a fierce warrior with powerful single-target attacks, and Celine, a cunning assassin known for her precise strikes and crowd control abilities, add to the exceptional prowess of the S-tier. Haste, with his speedy attacks and self-buffing capabilities, joins the ranks of these extraordinary heroes.

The presence of not one but two Vildreds in the S-tier further solidifies their dominance. Vildred’s skills in AoE attacks and self-revival grant him an edge in prolonged battles. Cidd, a nimble and ruthless fighter, showcases his proficiency in dealing with massive damage and disrupting enemy defenses. Spirit Eye Celine, with her stealth and instant kill potential, adds even more lethality to the S-tier roster.

  • Arbiter Vildred
  • Violet
  • Kise
  • Celine
  • Haste
  • Vildred (Yes, two Vildreds, both deserving of the S-tier!)
  • Cidd
  • Spirit Eye Celine

The Unstoppable – A-Tier Heroes

The A-tier heroes may not boast the same overwhelming power as the S-tier, but they remain formidable alternatives that pack a punch. These heroes possess unique abilities that make them potent adversaries on the battlefield.

Assassin Cidd stands out with his exceptional single-target damage and utility, while Blood Blade Karin excels in continuous damage and self-sustainability. Kayron, a resilient warrior, gains power through combat and boasts strong AoE attacks. Remnant Violet’s counterattacks and evasion skills make him a challenging opponent.

Baiken’s swift and precise strikes, coupled with her ability to ignore defense, make her a fearsome adversary. Ran’s swift strikes and self-buffing capabilities add to the prowess of the A-tier. Lastly, Sez’s powerful AoE damage and potential to chain attacks make him a valuable addition to any team.

  • Blood Blade Karin
  • Sez
  • Assassin Cidd
  • Remnant Violet
  • Kayron
  • Ran
  • Baiken

Tough & Vicious – B-Tier Heroes

The B-tier heroes are fighters of notable strength and tenacity, though they may not rival the S and A-tiers. Each hero in this tier exhibits unique abilities that contribute to their effectiveness in battles.

Closer Charles stands out with his AoE attacks, granting buffs to his allies and weakening enemies. Crescent Moon Rin’s debuffs and evasion skills make her a formidable opponent. Peira’s abilities to strip enemy buffs and deal damage over time add tactical depth to battles.

Assassin Coli, with her stealth and control abilities, proves to be a versatile asset. Karin’s self-buffing capabilities and AoE attacks enhance her combat prowess. Specimen Sez’s skill cooldown reduction and damage amplification make him a dangerous foe.

Tempest Surin’s multiple debuffs and crowd control capabilities showcase her ability to turn battles in her favor.

  • Closer Charles
  • Specimen Sez
  • Assassin Coli
  • Crescent Moon Rin
  • Karin (A second Karin joins the ranks!)
  • Tempest Surin
  • Peira

The Decent – C-Tier Heroes

While the C-tier heroes exhibit decent abilities, they may not seamlessly fit into all team compositions. These champions can still be valuable assets in specific scenarios, but they may require careful strategy and synergy with other heroes.

Ervalen’s focus on single-target burst damage makes him effective in certain encounters. Mirsa’s abilities to debuff enemies and self-buff contribute to her utility. Muwi’s evasion and crowd-control skills make her a challenging opponent.

Khawana’s debuffing capabilities and AoE attacks provide opportunities for strategic advantage. Orle’s utility in dispelling buffs and silencing enemies adds versatility to the team. Verdant Adin’s crowd control and self-buffing potential add tactical depth to battles.

Coli’s focus on single-target damage and control abilities still makes her a viable option in some situations. Penelope’s debuffing skills and AoE attacks can be valuable in the right team composition. Righteous Thief Roozid’s buffing and debuffing capabilities offer tactical options in battles. Summer’s Disciple Alexa’s focus on continuous damage makes her a solid choice in certain scenarios.

  • Ervalen
  • Righteous Thief Roozid
  • Mirsa
  • Muwi
  • Summer’s Disciple Alexa
  • Khwana
  • Orle (Orle makes an appearance!)
  • Verdant Adin
  • Coli (Yet another Coli, but in a different tier!)
  • Penelope

The D-Tier Heroes

The D-tier heroes, while possessing unique abilities, may not offer as much in terms of power or utility as their higher-tier counterparts. These heroes can be useful for newcomers seeking to familiarize themselves with the mechanics of the Thief class. However, as you progress in the game, it is advisable to focus on higher-tier heroes for more effective gameplay.

Alexa’s continuous damage potential and debuffing skills make her a starting point for newcomers. Holy Flame Adin’s AoE attacks and buffs provide a gentle introduction to the world of thieves. Judith’s evasion and speed-focused abilities can aid players in understanding the importance of agility.

Roozid’s alternate version in the D-tier brings his crowd-control skills to the table, offering a starting point for newcomers. Surin’s continuous damage and debuffing capabilities can help players learn about strategic utility. Hataan’s AoE attacks and debuffing potential offer insight into the diversity of abilities in the Thief class.

Adin’s alternate version in the D-tier provides players with a glimpse of his AoE attacks and debuffing skills. Lastly, Sven’s debuffing and control abilities can serve as a stepping stone for newcomers to learn about tactical advantage.

  • Alexa
  • Holy Flame Adin
  • Judith
  • Roozid (Righteous Thief Roozid’s alternate version joins the D-tier!)
  • Surin
  • Hataan
  • Adin (Holy Flame Adin’s alternate version also joins the D-tier!)
  • Sven


Understanding the intricacies and capabilities of the various Epic Seven Thief Tier List heroes is crucial to forming an exceptional team. From the awe-inspiring might of the S-tier to the potential of the D-tier, each class presents unique strengths and strategic possibilities. Embrace the shadows, unleash the power of your champions, and embark on a thrilling adventure of triumph and glory in the captivating world of Epic Seven! Stay tuned for further updates and tier lists on, where the path to greatness awaits!

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