Pet Rescue Saga Tips & Tricks – How To Clear Difficult Levels

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Posted on October 23, 2021

Pet Rescue Saga is a casual puzzle game that features saving adorable pets from evil animal captors. To save cutesy piglets, puppies, and pigeons, you need to match two or more blocks of identical color and safely lead the pets to the ground.

Though the gameplay is similar to the usual match-three puzzle games, Pet Rescue Saga depicts a unique objective that makes it more interesting. You can also maximize your advantage by deploying various boosters and easily removing distracting columns. If you want to save those endearing little animals and get more points, you better check out these Pet Rescue Saga tips and tricks!

How to Play Pet Rescue Saga

As mentioned above, your main goal in this game is to match two or more blocks with the same color. Also, it involves accomplishing particular objectives to proceed to the next level. You need to complete various objectives at each level if you want to advance to the next level. In case you fail to meet these objectives, you will lose a life. However, you can refill those red hearts every 25 minutes.

Usually, you will encounter objectives like clearing a certain number of blocks, rescuing a particular number of pets, or all pets in the said level. While meeting these objectives, you will also be entitled to earn stars, coins, and bonus points.
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Pet Rescue Saga Tips & Tricks

Here are some of the Pet Rescue Saga hints a player must know:

  • The number of stars will let you know the amount of coins you are expected to earn. If you want to make more stars, you can try matching huge groups of same-colored blocks, reach 100% in block meter, and get more points. To check the status of your star, you can check the small star meter beneath the game screen.
  • If you think you are out of moves in the present level, you can simply click the quit symbol placed at the top-right part of the game. But remember that once you quit a game, you will lose red heart or life.
  • Usually, you will get a booster after finishing the first level. After using your trial booster, you can acquire them by using Facebook credits or in-game coins. But, if you are a hardworking player, you can still get boosters by completing some levels. There are times that accomplished levels give rewards in the form of boosters.
  • Some levels have a column blaster rocket. To activate this rocket, you need to eliminate big groups of same-colored blocks. When it is ready to fire, just simply click the rocket together with the chosen column you wish to destroy.

Hints To Clear Level 42

You must lead all six pets to the ground and earn points by merely using 21 moves upon reaching this level. The level is indeed tricky, especially the level that has locked and chained metallic blocks beneath. To loosen these challenging chains, you need to find ways to break the block made in glass where the golden key is located. Here are various tips on how to do it;

The mentioned block made in glass can be smashed by matching the same color blocks beneath it. By that, you can drop the glass block on the ledge. Once shivered, simply click the golden key and remove all locked blocks at the base part of the screen.

On the other hand, you can also break the said glass block by utilizing a column blaster. In this way, you can effortlessly break the block and get the golden key. You can also maximize the advantages by using bombs and the blue balloon. Once you get all the pets, you can continue the levels by matching more blocks, using bombs, and fire the column blaster to get a higher score.

At this level, you can ask assistance from your friends to successfully cross the bridge. You can simply ask three or four of your playing friends to help you unlock level 43.

Tips To Complete Level 40

As you reach this level, you are tasked to save six pets and earn points using 75 moves. As you start, you need to begin fastening the netted boxes. These protected boxes are covered with metal mesh, and to remove them, you need to match the same color blocks below them.

Meshed blocks are also known multipliers, meaning as you match them with other blocks, you will get double points and higher scores. Focus on these netted boxes, and you will have more time to save pets and match more blocks.

After saving the first animal, you will see that the other five animals will be trapped in boxes. These boxes have colors, and you need to match them in similar blocks to release the pets. Additionally, you can utilize colored balloons to eliminate the blocks. For a tip, it is better to check for the perfect moment when to release it; that’s usually when you already have an enormous number of blocks.
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More Tips To Get High Scores

In playing Pet Rescue Saga, you are entitled to 1,000 bonus points for each animal you rescued. So, if you want to get more points, you need to rescue more pets. Here are some Pet Rescue Saga Hints you can do to save all pets;

  • If there is a chance, ensure to remove a vast group of blocks first. Not only to acquire more points but to save pets quickly.
  • Always make sure that you eliminate blocks to maintain the level of the column the same, especially when rescuing more than two animals.
  • Don’t let a pet animal be trapped in the tallest column while the screen drops underneath the tower. Whenever you get rid of blocks, the screen drops to exhibit more blocks. If this happens, then it’s already game over.
  • If your animal is stuck in a tall black tower and has no similar blocks to be matched, use the column blaster rocket and remove it.
  • In matching blocks, you need to take your time. There is no time limit to meet, so there’s no reason to hurry up. It would help if you focused on saving animals and removing the blocks to save the animals.
  • If you want to complete the Pet Rescue Saga levels efficiently, you need to utilize the bombs to rescue animals trapped in isolated columns.

Now that you know all these tips and tricks to succeed in the game, the next thing to do is to play it! Get a free Pet Rescue Saga download here and enjoy the game on your PC for free.

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