Pokémon UNITE Attackers Guide – Cheat Sheet For Attackers

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Posted on November 15, 2021

One of the things that many people enjoy about MOBA games is the exciting and action-packed battles. And this would include one of the latest MOBA games available, Pokémon UNITE. Battles are also fun, exciting, and competitive here, which is why many people enjoy them. If you’re also someone who enjoys fighting in MOBA games, then the battle type of Pokémon that you should use is the Attacker.

They’re Pokémon that usually possess high attack power and scoring ability. They’re usually the ones in the team that can deal the most damage during an attack and then score points. To see properly what attackers do in the game, continue reading this Pokemon UNITE attackers guide. You’ll see information about the roles attackers play and who are the best ones available.

Overview of the Attacker Role in Pokémon UNITE

As the name of this battle type suggests, these are the Pokémon that can deal very high damage. They’re the ones that should be leading an attack and pushing back enemies in a lane. But aside from having high attack power, they also have good scoring abilities, which makes them scorers as well. Unlike other battle types, attackers usually have only 1 role in a team, and that is to deal a lot of damage to enemies.

Pokemon Unite Attacker Overview
Pokémon UNITE Attacker Overview

Yes, they also have good scoring ability, but that’s just a secondary role that they can help with. Their most important role in any match is to deal a lot of damage to enemies. This means that you will be in constant battles, helping your team defeat enemies and push a lane. You don’t have to worry about being at the center of the battle since attackers have usually ranged Pokémon. This means you can just stay behind the defender and fighters as you dish out high damage and defeat the enemies.

The only issue with attackers is that they’re only good at dealing damage and scoring. Anything else, they’re very mediocre. So you can’t expect them to play any other role besides attacking, and to a lesser extent, scoring. As the Pokémon that usually deals the highest damage, you can be placed in any lane. Just make sure you pair yourself with a defender or fighter so you won’t be at the frontlines during fights.

The Best Attackers in Pokémon UNITE

The attacker battle type has the most Pokémon available in Pokémon UNITE. There are 8 attackers that you can choose from and each one is powerful in its own right. The attackers currently available are Pikachu, Sylveon, Gardevoir, Alolan Ninetails, Cramorant, Cinderace, Greninja, and Venausaur. Among all of these 8 attackers, the best one right now is Pikachu. What makes this Pokemon stand out among the others is that it doesn’t just deal high damage, but it also has good crowd control. This Pokémon is great at paralyzing enemies, making it easy to take them down.


A close second would b Sylveon, who has a great balance between attacking and defending. This Pokémon can have high Sp. Attack, allowing it to deal huge damage to enemies. But it also has an ability to increase its Sp. Defense and weaken the Sp. Attack of enemy Pokémon, lessening the damage it could receive. A great Pokémon to use against Sp. Attack teams. Alolan Ninetails is another powerful attacker with its massive AoE damage skill and the ability to lock opponents in place. The only downside is that this Pokémon is slow, so you need to be careful when moving around.


Gardevoir is the Pokémon that has good range, allowing you to stay away from the center of the battle. It also deals AoE damage, making it easier to take down multiple enemies with its high attack. The only issue is it’s very fragile and has a weak early game.


If you prefer a fast and easy attacker to use, the Cinderace is your Pokémon. It has fast and fierce attacks with good range, which will allow you to kill enemies quickly. Its UNITE Move will even allow you to snipe enemies from afar, making it less risky to take out enemies. It is weak early on and it recently received a nerf.


The most balanced attacker in the game is Cramorant, having decent endurance and mobility. This makes this attacker well suited for other tasks in the game.


Greninja is another fast Pokémon that also has good sustain. The Surf Skill is a great ability that will not only damage enemies but also restore your health. It does take a while before this Pokémon comes online, so don’t expect anything early on.


Last, but not least, is Venausaur. This Pokémon is the typical attacker since its other stats are mediocre at best. It compensates for it with its high damage and a large area of effect moves. But you also have to account for his very weak early game, which is why he is ranked low.

Tips To Playing as Attacker in Pokémon UNITE

Unlike other battle types, attackers usually only play 1 role, and that is to deal the most damage during fights. Though this might sound easy, it actually isn’t since most attackers have mediocre stats other than offense. This is why this section will provide you with tips for playing this role.

  • Level up as fast as possible to be more effective during fights.
  • Try to maintain a distance from enemies during fights.
  • Make use of your abilities as much as possible during fights.
  • Don’t solo and always go with your team.
  • Assist in taking down powerful wild Pokémon bosses.
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