PUBG Mobile – A Survivor’s Guide To Winning The Unknown Battleground

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Posted on December 22, 2020

The battle royale genre has been one of the most popular game genres that you can play right now. And at the forefront of that genre is PUBG Mobile, one of the most popular video games that you can play. It has already achieved hundreds of millions of downloads and there are usually tens of millions of active players in a day.

Battle Royale is a competitive online multiplayer game where 100 players (in PUBG Mobile’s case) will go to an island and battle it out. The goal is simple, and that is to be the last man or group standing. The objective is simple and the gameplay is quite easy as well, but actually winning the game is the difficult part. To help with that, this blog will provide a survivor’s guide to winning in the Classic mode of the Unknown Battleground that is PUBG Mobile.

How To Win PUBG Mobile

As a highly competitive game, there are many players who have already discovered the little tricks of the game. Of course, you do get matched up will other players with the same supposed skill level sometimes that is just not the case. Here are a few tips to get you started in winning a few games:

Playing Solo or Squad

When you play PUBG Mobile, one of the first things you will need to decide on is whether are you going to play Solo or with a Squad. This first decision will actually have an impact on your chances of winning the game already. Though playing with a squad might be a good option, it only becomes a good decision if you’re playing with friends or people you have played with before.

This is because you will be grouped randomly, which means you won’t have any idea what kind of teammates you will get. You can get lucky and end up with great teammates who know how to properly play the game. But most of the time, you will likely end up with people that have several agendas or don’t have any idea on how to properly play the game and end up losing. So unless you’re playing with people you know or you’ve already played with, the best option would be to play Solo.

Choosing a Spot to Land

When it comes to landing, many players would usually opt to choose an area where they will be able to get more loot and properly gear up. This usually means areas with big buildings or more structures. It might sound like a good idea, but it actually isn’t. This is because many players would likely land on that spot as well since it is a good play to get loot.


pubg mobile survivors guide drop locations
Land away from well-known loot spots


This means you will be encountering many different enemies at the beginning, which is not a good way to start. Unless you’re already a good player who can easily get kills while avoiding getting killed in the process, then go for it. If not, then your best choice would be to pick a small area to loot. Try to find areas with just 1 or 2 structures to get weapons armor and gear. Yes, you might be missing out on good weapons and armor, but at least you won’t encounter many enemies at the start.

Remember, the goal is to win the game, not to get as many kills as possible. So avowing combat early is going to be key to your survival. Try to find locations that are far away from the flight path or from areas that are known for providing good loot so you will only encounter a few enemies in the beginning.

Choosing the Right PUBG Mobile Weapon

In the beginning, you won’t really have much choice here since you will have to go with the first weapons that you get. In case you do have choices, it’s always good to have an assault rifle, a light machine gun, or a submachine gun. You will need to equip at least one of these 3 weapon classes since they’re the most versatile weapons in the game.

You can use them for close-range, medium-range, or even long-range combat. Their fast fire rate will also be helpful during battles. The secondary weapon to have will depend on your preference. Go for a shotgun if you’re someone who prefers to battle in close range since you can easily 1-shot enemies with a shotgun. If you prefer fighting from a distance, then go for a sniper rifle. Make sure that you equip your rifles with scope, if you find any, to help in seeing enemies and aiming.

Also, make sure that you equip yourself with several explosives. Frag grenade, flashbang, and smoke grenade. They will all come in handy in the game.

Stay Hidden and Close to The Edge

One of the best ways to survive in PUBG Mobile is to avoid engaging enemies. This would mean trying to stay hidden at all times and staying close to the edge of the playable area. Most players will likely try to get to the center of the circle first to try and find a good spot to hide and wait for other players.


pubg mobile survivors guide stalth tactics
Don’t always try to engage enemies


This would be okay, but the chances of engaging more enemies in this way would be high. The best to avoid as much conflict as you can is to try and stay within the edge of the playing circle and find a good hiding spot. This is not only a good way to avoid engaging enemies in combat, but you can also ambush other players who are trying to get to safety since they will be more focused on moving instead of looking out for enemies.

The End Game

The tips provided above will more often than not allow you to survive long in PUBG Mobile, allowing you to reach the end. By this time there are likely 10 or fewer players remaining. This is the moment when you can start to engage and hunt enemies. But you have to do it in a strategic way. If the remaining playable area has some buildings at the center, you can expect there will be enemies hiding there.

The best way to approach that is to use explosives that you saved up. Try to draw them out with the frag grenade and ambush them as they try to leave. If you know exactly where they might be hiding, you can snipe them from afar or use a flashbang to blind them and then enter for the kill. If the area is an open field, watch out for enemies who are lying down on the grass and waiting to ambush unsuspecting victims.

Try to do a sneak attack as well. When you see other players fighting, find a good spot where you can see them and then just attack whoever wins. You will catch them off guard here, which will give you a better chance of winning.

Final Thoughts on PUBG Mobile

The guide mentioned above won’t guarantee that you will always achieve the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG Mobile. But it will definitely help you survive more when you play. Your shooting skills, as well as the ability to read a situation, will still play a big role in helping you win. Remember, your goal in the game should be to survive, and doing that will already put you ahead of many players who are only looking to kill.

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