Garchomp Pokémon UNITE – An Epic Build, Moveset & Items Guide

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Posted on September 11, 2022

The newest MOBA in town, Pokémon UNITE, marries powerful monsters from the Pokémon franchise with a 5v5 battle system. Enjoy playing with friends or teaming with players across the globe with your favorite pocket monsters from the franchise. As your battles progress, so will your account’s character. Hence, your matchup choices will also change as your lineup of heroes expand. If you’re looking to grow your roster, a good addition to the team is Garchomp Pokémon UNITE. The Mach Pokémon is one of the initial 20 monsters in the lineup in this action game.

If you didn’t choose its license after completing the tutorial, you only have one option to obtain it. To get Garchomp, just head to the UBC in-game shop and get ready to pay either 10,000 Aeos Coins or 575 Aeos Gems. And now that we’ve covered how to get Garchomp Pokémon UNITE, it’s time to talk about Pokémon UNITE Garchomp build. Let’s get this Garchomp guide started with the following information.

How to Play Garchomp Pokémon UNITE

Firstly, Garchomp starts each match in its initial form, Gible. Consequently, the Mach Pokémon is one of the several Pokémon UNITE All-Rounders on the roster. As such, Garchomp is one of the popular options if you’re looking for one with decent offensive and defensive statistics.

Garchomp Pokemon Unite
Image Source: Garchomp Pokémon UNITE


Garchomp Pokémon UNITE Moves in Early to Mid-game

Each pocket monster in the game has its unique set of abilities to use depending on your play style and experience. Of course, this Garchomp build is only a recommendation on how to play Garchomp. As an All-Rounder, Garchomp can be played on the offensive or defensive. But for this Garchomp guide, we will be tackling how to utilize its tankiness in the game.

Garchomp is one of the top-rank All-Rounders just like Machamp and Tsareena. For its passive, Garchomp reflects a percentage of the damage to its attacker if it’s a melee attack. From Level 1 to 3, Gible can learn either Sand Attack or Bulldoze. While you can eventually get both in the latter part, we suggest going with Sand Attack first.

Garchomp Pokémon UNITE move acts as a debuff but with decent damage output. Gible blinds the vision and decreases the movement speed of enemy Pokémon while gaining movement and basic attack speed. Bulldoze, on the contrary, deals damage to opponents in an area of effect. So while you cannot bolster damage early on, Sand Attack is a better option rather than Bulldoze.

As Gible evolves to Gabite at Level 6, there are two new Garchomp moves you can choose. Using Dig, Gabite burrows underground to the enemies or at a certain distance from the target. Upon emerging, Pokémon Gabite knocks opponents back while dealing damage. Dragon Rush makes Gabite dive into its opponents, shoving them back and slowing their movement speed. In this phase, we suggest Garchomp learn Dig for its attack and retreat capabilities.

Garchomp Pokemon Unite evolve
Image Source: Garchomp Pokémon UNITE Gameplay


Late to End Game Garchomp Pokémon UNITE Moves

Staying as Gabite at Level 8, you have two new Garchomp Pokémon UNITE moves to learn – Earthquake and Dragon Claw. The former makes Gabite jump and crash into the ground, damaging enemies in an area of effect and slowing them down. The latter uses Gabite’s claws to attack. The first hit throws the enemy and the second deals increased damage.

By this time, your choice will be more dependent on the tides of your current match. However, for this Garchomp build, we recommend Earthquake. It will be a good combo if you choose Dig at Level 6. Finally, Gabite will evolve into Garchomp at Level 10 and it can learn its ultimate move, Livid Outrage. Garchomp expels an omnipotent chain of attack as it dashes forward. The final hit displaces enemies but stuns Garchomp altogether for a short period. Hence, you should be ready to fight thereafter.

Best Items for Garchomp Pokémon UNITE

There are several types of Garchomp build available elsewhere. Thus, here are various options on the best items for Garchomp, too! For this guide, choose any of the following Held Items for every match.

  • Focus Band is the best defensive Held Item for Garchomp because it needs to stay alive as much as possible. This item recovers 8/11/14% of HP the user lost after its total HP drops to a certain percentage.
  • Scope Lens increases damage dealt by critical hits of basic attacks. It works well with Garchomp’s passive attack speed boost with the item’s added chance to deal massive critical hit damage.
  • Weakness Policy increases Garchomp’s attack by 2/2.5/3% when it receives damage for a short period.
  • Muscle Band boosts the basic attack damage by 1/2/3% based on the enemy’s remaining HP. It’s considered the best item for Garchomp as it improves its boosted attack abilities.
  • Buddy Barrier is equally important in ensuring Garchomp’s safety after it uses its Unite move. This item shields the wearer and its ally Pokémon with the lowest HP by 15/20/25% of their max health.

As for the best Battle Item, Eject Button is still the safest one to choose. It helps Garchomp escape rough situations or chase after escaping enemies during team fights. If you wish to be more aggressive, X Attack is an ideal choice. Thus, raising Garchomp’s basic and Special attack for a short time.

Garchomp Pokemon Unite stats
Image Source: Garchomp Pokémon Unite Stats


End Thoughts About Garchomp Pokémon UNITE

When playing Garchomp, you should also consider its previous evolutions – Gible and Gabite. It will take a while for Garchomp to evolve so keep your items in line with this process. Find out if your fave is on the top rank with our Pokémon UNITE tier list guide. Check other tips and tricks regarding Pokémon UNITE only here in!


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