Release Notes – Android 9 Is Here!

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Posted on February 27, 2023

Android 9 is now available in!

  • The latest version of Android comes to and it brings with it more new games for you to play.
  • Android 9 also makes games run smoother and cleaner, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

The new games you’ll enjoy with Android 9 include:

  • Summoners War – A fun turn-based RPG where you summon and assemble a team of monsters and become the best summoner.
  • Flippy Race – A casual racing game where you compete in a fun and exciting water race with other players using jet skis.
  • Epic Heroes – Save Animals – A unique RPG where you form a strong team of animals to save the world while also playing the puzzle game where you draw lines to save civilians from insects.

Other Enhancements from Android 9:

  • now has support for non-English keyboards, allowing players to use keyboards from their native language instead of just relying on an English one.
  • Minor fixes and changes to the User Interface for a smoother and richer experience.
  • Implemented bug fixes to improve the performance of the software and lessen issues experienced by players.

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