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Posted on February 1, 2022

Last 2018, Rise of Kingdoms, a strategy MMO game, was released by Lilith Games. If you are familiar with historical leaders like Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, and more, you’ll be like doing their to-do list in this game. Here, you will be tasked to run an empire and do some vital multitasking exercises.

Like running an empire, it is not only about dealing with the barbarian tribes or expanding your interests. Here, it would be best if you ensured that everything is organized to prepare your empire for possible war and improve the way of living of your people.

How to Play Rise of Kingdoms?

In Ring of Kingdoms, you will get a chance to choose from eight civilizations, namely Korea, Rome, Spain, Japan, France, China, Britain, and Germany. Once you’ve selected your civilization, you will be set in a typical walled city that you will cultivate and control. All upgrades and buildings are essentially dependent on your City Hall. If you want to access other building types, you need to upgrade your City Hall. However, your existing buildings should first reach a particular level to boost your City Hall.

Like a typical empire, your kingdom must include buildings like barracks, archery range, farm, academy, lumber mill, and more. Keep in mind that upgrading these buildings takes time; at first, it will only take you seconds, but it will take hours as you progress.

Rise of Kingdoms
Image Source: Rise of Kingdoms Gameplay

But, as you complete your quests and tasks, you will get a chance to collect speed-up cards, which can speed up things such as establishing a building, research time, and training, which is more advantageous to you.

What is the Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms?

Generally, there is no such thing as the best civilization in Rise of Kingdoms. But, at the end of the game, you will surely find some crucial variations between the civilizations. But, to be honest, choosing a civilization is quite tricky. You can either depend on reviews or suggestions brought by your friends. Overall, to help you decide on which civilization you must choose to start with, here is a tier list of the civilizations in Rise of Kingdoms from highest to lowest.

Rise of Kingdoms How to Play


S-Tier Civilizations

Check out the S-Tier civilizations in the game.


In this civilization, you will get a chance to get Boudica. Also, you will get an increase of 5% in Archer Attack, a 5% increase to the troop training speed, and a 20% increase to the capacity of the allied garrison.

Rise of Kingdoms Britain



Like Britain, you will get additional perks once you choose this civilization. You will be getting a 5% increase to the cavalry attack, a 5% increase to the speed of troop training, and a 20% additional for action points recovery.


Why choose this civilization? Here, you will get Sun Tzu. Your troop defense will grow 3%, a 5% escalation to the action point recovery, and another 5% to the building speed.

A-Tier Civilizations

Here is the list of A-Tier civilizations in the game.


Like what we have on S-Tier Civilizations, A-Tier Civilizations also offer additional perks once chosen. In this civilization, your archer defense will expand up to 5%, a 15% increase to the capacity of the hospital, and a 3% faster research speed.


In this civilization, you’ll be getting an additional 5% increase to your calvary attack, a 10% extra damage when dealing with barbarians and other bland units. Also, there is a further 5% damage when fighting against rallying armies. If you are a player that prefers hunting or fighting barbarians and calvary units, you better choose this civilization.

Rise of Kingdoms Arabia
Image Source: Rise of Empire Arabia Civilization



Once you choose this civilization, you will get an increase of 3% to your troop attack, a 30% on the speed of your scout march, and another 5% increase in speed when collecting resources.


Here, you will be getting a 3% increase in your troop’s HP, a 10% increase in the speed of collecting wood, and a 20% increase in the speed of healing of the hospital.

B-Tier Civilizations

Read on about the B-Tier civilizations in the game.


In this B-Tier Civilization, you will be getting a 5% increase in calvary defense, a 10% additional experience derived from barbarians and other units, and a 20% increase in the production of the resources.

Ottoman Empire

Here, you will be getting a 5% increase on HP of your archers, another 5% on the march speed, and a 5% increase again in the active skill damage.

C-Tier Civilizations

The C-Tier civilization in Rise of Kingdoms.


In this civilization, you can get an extra 5% on your calvary HP, a 10% additional to the speed of collecting stones, and a 15% increase to the capacity of your hospital.


Here, you will get a 5% increase to the defense of infantry, another 5% to the speed of the troop march, and a 10% to the speed of food gathering.

If you have already chosen civilization and wish to switch to another kingdom, you can change your choice by either spending 10,000 Crystals or 2,000,000 Alliance Currency in the Alliance Shop.

To cut the long story short…

If you are just starting as a beginner, it is highly recommended to choose Britain as your civilization. This civilization is renowned for its power in PvP and PvE and knowing Boudica, he is best at farming barbarians. You can also select other civilizations like Byzantium, which is known for having suitable cavalry units and focus. However, if you are a gamer that’s more focused on PvP, you can choose Rome as this civilization is best with its infantry units and is renowned for farming food. Generally, most civilizations have their winning traits that will suit your playstyle.

So, that’s it! Are you ready to pick your civilization in Rise of Kingdoms now? Can you share your choice here and why did you choose it? For more information and updates about this strategy game, stick around here at Games.lol.

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