What Are The Safest Hiding Spots for All Maps on Among Us?

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Posted on March 12, 2021

One of the most popular games that you can play right now is Among Us. And one of the main reasons why so many players are playing it is because of its simple, fun, and exciting gameplay. In this multiplayer action game, players are given the role of either Crewmate and Impostors. The Impostors usually consist of 1-3 players and have a goal of killing all Crewmates without getting caught.

The Crewmates usually consist of 3-7 players and have the goal of completing tasks or successfully identify and eject all Impostors. It’s a fun and exciting game that can also be a bit frustrating at times, especially during the Discussion portion. A big part of the game for both Impostors and Crewmates is hiding in safe spots to avoid being targeted for kills or to wait for unsuspecting Crewmates.

But among the many rooms and hallways to choose from on all the three maps Among Us have, which would be the safest? Which among these would be the best hiding place for either Crewmate or Impostor? Let’s discuss it further in this article.

Among Us The Skeld Storage Room


The Safest Hiding Spots in The Skeld Map

Let’s first identify the safest hiding spots in The Skeld Map since this is the most popular map Among Us. In terms of a hiding spot, it’s not easy to find one on this map as most rooms or hallways don’t have blind spots for players to hide. However, three rooms can be great hiding spots to ambush unsuspecting Crewmates or get away from the Impostor.

The best hiding spot on this map is the Communications Room. You can find a large chair in the room and you can use that to hide. Players would just have to position themselves behind it, and it will be hard to spot them. Of course, this hiding spot is not perfect as there are still areas of the avatar that can be seen. But at a glance, no one will be able to spot you.

The Reactor Room can also be a good hiding spot in The Skeld. In this room, players would just have to hide behind the reactor. There’s a spot behind where players can position themselves so they won’t easily be noticed at a glance. It would be harder to spot them if the player’s skin is white or cyan to blend in with the reactor.

Among Us Mira HQ Greenhouse

Lastly, the Storage Room has a somewhat safe hiding spot. There’s a rotating floating box at the top part of the map and can be used as a quick hiding spot. You just have to have time when you use it. There is an angle when the box rotates that you will be completely invisible on the map. If you need a hiding place for a short time, this can be a good option. Just remember to have a short and not too obvious name since your name is still seen above.

The Safest Hiding Spots in Mira HQ

For the Mira HQ map in Among Us, three rooms present great hiding spots. The first and best one is the Storage Room. You can completely hide behind the bookshelf in the storage room, making it harder for other players to spot you. You just need to have a short name that is also not obvious like the letter “I”, so you won’t easily be seen when someone enters.

Another great hiding spot would be the Balcony. It’s found on the left side where the Satellite is placed. You can completely hide behind it with only your name being seen. But if you position yourself properly and use the letter “o” as your name, you won’t be noticed. You just have to make sure your name is by the red circle on the satellite, it won’t be obvious at a glance.

Among Us Polus Map Specimen Room

The last hiding spot this map has is the Greenhouse. At the top middle, there’s a giant glass with a tree-like specimen inside. You can place yourself behind it to hide. But to be less revealing, you need to wear the brown skin so you can somewhat blend on the tree-like specimen.

The Best Hiding Spots in Polus Map

For the Polus map, there are many spots that you can hide without being noticed instantly. The best one would be behind the Satellite Dish located on the top right corner of the Communication Room next to the Storage. You can completely hide behind with only your name being visible. Another good hiding spot is the Specimen Room. There’s a big test tube-like glass that you can hide behind at. You just need to have the color cyan skin for your avatar to blend with the glass’ color.

The next great hiding spot is the big machine, which is located outside just on the right of the Weapon Room. You can completely hide behind it with only your name being visible. You just need to use a single letter name that isn’t too obvious to blend in with the machine, and you won’t be seen anymore.

The last hiding spot would be in the Security Room. At the right of the monitor, you can fit yourself in with only a small part of your avatar’s head being visible. You can even blend in properly if your avatar’s skin is black. A player who takes a glance at the room won’t instantly recognize you unless they have a good eye.

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